Interview with Courtney Randall

Eclectic Pop had the pleasure of interviewing the super talented, Courtney Randall, a rising singer/songwriter, who is beginning her venture into music. She is featured as one of this week's Spotlight Artist. Here she discusses her musical goals and wide-array of musical inspirations, taking you behind the scenes of her musical process.

Eclectic Pop:  Where do you find your inspiration as a musician?
Courtney Randall: I find my inspiration from life, we all have different experiences but through music we are able to understand and connect with each other.

What musician has inspired you the most?

I am inspired by all musicians and their creativity but the musicians that inspire me most are the ones that took a risk in the beginning by being different; Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Ella Fitzgerald etc.

Is there a particular artist that kind of resembles the kind of career you would like to have?

To be honest at this point I am not sure what I want exactly. Music is what I love to do and it will always be a part of me, I would be just as happy playing local gigs as I would be playing sold out shows. I’m working hard and taking it day by day only God knows what is in store.

For a lot of people, their first concert is a major life event, what act/artist did you see for your first concert?

The first concert that I remember going to was Shania Twain! I have been a fan of hers for as long as I can remember. Being able to see her live and sing along with her in person was such an amazing experience.

What is the best concert you’ve been to?

I don’t think I could pick a concert that was the best… I have been to many different styles of concerts. I loved Zach Brown Bands set; it was unique and cozy where as the Black Eyed Peas was crazy and exciting, both were amazing.

There are seemingly two types of concerts, a major arena-type tour (i.e. Taylor Swift) and then a more intimate mellow production (i.e. James Taylor, Mumford & Sons) which, do you prefer and could see yourself playing someday?

I enjoy going to any type of concert! I love music and every time I see someone perform live it inspires me. I definitely see myself playing more intimate shows. I want my fans to feel welcomed and be able to really connect with me.

It is so amazing and impressive that you write your own music. That is a major key to having a lot of success in the music industry. When did you start writing?

Thank you so much! When I was little I used to make up silly little songs when I would be playing on the playground but when I was about eleven my uncle was staying with us and almost every night he would get out his guitar and we would have jam sessions. Those jam sessions lead to creating music and I discovered my ability to write lyrics and melodies. I have done it ever since.

What is your process for writing music? Does it just come to you and you write it down or do you have a certain time that you set aside to work on it?

A little bit of both actually, when I get a song idea I’m usually out and experiencing things. I will either think of a line or a tune then I go into a zone about fifteen minutes later I come out of it with a complete song. There are also times when I have an idea so I will jot it down and come back to it later. Randomly I will go though all those little ideas and it usually ends up that I have some material that fits together perfectly.

Is there a song that you’ve done that means the most to you?

Smiling Down On Me. I have experienced a lot of loss and like most people when you lose someone close to you the last thing you see is the bright side but when I’m feeling sad I listen to it as a reminder of all the guardian angels I have “Smiling Down On Me”.

How do you define your music’s genre or do you prefer to not have any genre specificity?

At this point I don’t think any of my songs can be categorized into the same genre. I have had many people say jazz, indie or folk but who knows, I think my music will always be evolving.

Is there anything you would like listeners to know about your music?

My music comes from the soul.  I put all of my personal feelings and emotions into it. My hope is that listeners are able to relate their lives and unique situations to my music, therefore being inspired.

I want to thank Courtney for her time and thoughtful answers. She is an artist that deserves to go very far and Eclectic Pop will be rooting for her all of the way! You can keep up with Courtney’s music career by subscribing to her YouTube channel CourtneysVoice and by following her on Twitter @CourtneysVoice


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