Spotlight Artist | Courtney Randall

From the moment you hear the voice of Courtney Randall; you can hear the promise and natural skill that clearly demonstrates the raw talent necessary to break through the glass ceiling of the music industry and into the big time. Randall is a singer/songwriter, who pens all of her own songs; the hallmark of a true talent.

I first heard her music on IHeartRadio's "Bob and the Showgram"; during the segment Peanut Butter’s Picks and was immediately impressed. She has recorded three songs that are available to listen to on YouTube. There’s “Smiling Down on Me”, “Once Again” and “Still the One”.  With these 3 songs, Randall showcases an array of talents. She fuses together little pieces of a lot of major genres, including pop, rock and country. She’s an artist who exemplarily exhibits the future sound of music, a mixture of the best parts of a broader range of genres.

On “Smiling Down on Me” she laments missing someone who has slipped away, all the while acknowledging that life always goes on. Her vocals really shine hear and the lyricism is gripping. She expresses a vast maturity, her lyrics eloquently speaking to an inner reflection with emotional resonance. 

“Once Again” has a playful aspect to it. She layers her vocals with an echo-like effect that creates an edgy quality. The lovely piano based melody adds a whimsical charm and the delicate jingle of the tambourine give it a day dreamy feel. It’s one of those perfect sunny side-up songs.

With “Still the One” she explores a more rock-based sound. There are some very nice swells and the guitar riffs are reminiscent of the psychedelic flair of the mid-90’s. There is a mysteriously ominous tone to it, evoking clever imagery.

She recently posted on her YouTube channel, a haunting cover of The Civil Wars’ song “Tip of My Tongue” which, she recorded with fellow musician Carter Harrell. Their voices meld together very well, wonderfully complementing each other. She shows off some very impressive vocal ranges throughout all of her songs. Her distinct vocals give something different and vivid to each song she performs. Where a lot of artists can get caught up in maintaining the sound the studio has tuned for them and becoming stagnant as a result, Randall isn’t afraid to mix it up by bringing something fresh to each performance. She’s going places people!

To keep up with Courtney Randall’s burgeoning music career, you can subscribe to her YouTube channel CourtneysVoice and follow her on Twitter @CourtneysVoice. Read Eclectic Pop's interview with Courtney, here.