Spotlight Artist | Mikey Wax

Musician Mikey Wax is an accomplished pianist, guitarist, singer and songwriter. It is from these talents that he has accumulated a large and rabid fan base. His music has found a cozy home on the playlist of TV’s most popular shows. His song “In Case I Go Again” was recently featured on smash hit ‘Pretty Little Liars’ and during NBC’s coverage of the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Upon listening to his music the reason for why it has found heavy airplay is immediately apparent. The upbeat and soulful nature of his music is illuminating and in constant supply of charm.  His soothing vocals will have you unwinding and his gentle melodies in a place of emotional serenity. He currently has 5 songs available for download on his website.

The 5 songs available are “California Skies”, “How It Feels”, “In Case I Go Again”, “You Tell Me When” and an acoustic rendition of “Counting on You”. All of the songs exemplify the talent that Wax possesses, a breezy, pop fueled, cascade of ambient instrumentation and thoughtful lyricism.

“California Skies” captures the longing and leaving that is a musician’s life or the lifestyle of anyone who has had to be separated from their loved one for whatever reason. His lyrics describe the changing seasons as the love for his paramour, who is awaiting his return, remains absolute. 

“How It Feels” has an upbeat tone, optimistically providing a narrative for the ups and downs of love, an often turbulent ride. The clever nuance of including a lyrical mention of Facebook adds quite an endearment factor. So many lyrics miss out on opportunities to mention the activities of many people’s everyday life and Wax including it, ties the song to our current culture.

“In Case I Go Again” addresses the expectations in a relationship between the two people involved. The often bandied about promises of change, the realization of how much a person can really do to transform or whether a relationship that requires that much evolution is the right relationship to be in. The consistency of a person who is always there and a person whose personality remains constant, aren’t often interchangeable, something this song acknowledges.

“You Tell Me When” has an uplifting guitar-based melody, a gathering song for two lovers awaiting their next glimpse of each other, hints of the eager beginnings of a blossoming relationship. The acoustic version of “Counting on You” is a stripped down, wistfully romantic love song that nails the fundamentals of devotion driven love. All of these songs are essential Wax; he provides a chivalrous ode to an era of music where romance was a strong quality to have in music. In other words, he's bringing romance back.

You can hear the 5 songs mentioned above by logging on to and for all of the latest news you can follow Mikey Wax @MikeyWax