Let's Discuss: 'Teen Wolf'

What on earth has happened to this show? Seriously, the first season was amazing. The second was still entertaining albeit, there were a few missteps. However, this season takes the cake in terms of terrible.

The current season is the series' third outing and the third time hasn’t been a charm for the stumbling series. To have a show ware at this rate with the talent it has accumulated is disheartening to say the least.

Out of the gate it should be noted that actor Dylan O’Brien and his performance of the massively popular Stiles has been the sole saving grace for this show. The show has splintered itself with a larger cast of characters that no one cares or is concerned about. Not to mention, a horror factor that has been reduced to merely gross out audiences with its over the top antics.

These are the 5 major things that are appending the show from being the entertaining series it once was.

#5) Alison has Become a Shadow of Herself

She is now a Kristin Stewart (not a compliment) knock-off, goth-ing her way through any scenario; lovelorn over the juvenile Scott who she seems eons more mature than. Her character constantly mopes around and it is not attractive. It is one thing to play Allison as the girl next door but to be constantly paralyzed by self-doubt is ridiculous.

#4) There are Way Too Many Supernatural Characters

The show is called Teen Wolf  not Supernatural Creatures. The show has turned into True Blood and not in a good way. True Blood’s whole universe has been built around the interaction of a wide range of supernatural creatures and that works for it because that is the core of the show.

That is not the basis of Teen Wolf. The basis was/should be the juxtaposition of a teenager struggling with being a werewolf while, his best friend and everyone surrounding him is still very much human, an allegory for the social outsider inside of all of us.

#3) There are Too Many Characters Period

For a show to properly function and have adequate time for everybody; there should be no more than 9 characters with a recurring interloper thrown in. There should also be 3 storylines so that translates to 3 characters per storyline. That should leave us with Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Scott’s mom, Stiles’ dad, The Coach, Derick (maybe) and 2 new characters.

Yes, that would mean no more Allison (see above). Sorry folks but she is a, been there/done that, character and she is more valuable off the show than on it. As for Derick, either let him kick some ass or get him off of the show. It has become exhausting to watch him flail around and be beaten up by every member of the show.

#2) There is No Better Character than Stiles

Admit that this character is the greatest and finally let him get some action. No girl (including myself) who watches this show thinks it is believable that a guy as sweet, funny, smart and good looking as Stiles is having trouble with the ladies. It is simply stupid. Also he needs to be on the show constantly.

Viewers should be warned that watching Scott can cause the hemorrhage of countless brain cells every time we must endure him. Stiles must be seen intravenously to clog the massive loss. He is not a “Fonzie” character, there is no growing tired of him. There is so much about his back story we don’t know and it would be 10 times more interesting to explore than any other current storyline.

#1) Less Annoying Music and More Coach

The music on the show has become overwhelmingly annoying. Each week brings about the post-traumatic stress of thinking you have walked into Forever 21. When they are not playing the Forever 21 soundtrack, they are trying to convince you that something incredibly game changing is happening by overwhelming you with an epic “sword & sandal” style score…to watch Scott simply get on his dirt bike.

Something we could use more of is Coach. He is one of the best comedic reliefs on TV. Why not utilize him more by giving him his own storyline? He is freaking hilarious and has outrageous chemistry with everyone he has a scene with. Use him. 

What do you think about Teen Wolf? Does the sight of excessively grotesque imagery disgust you too? Eclectic Pop wants to hear from you. You can share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.