Fall/Winter TV's Best New Bets: ABC

"Agents of SHIELD"

If you’ve seen any of the Marvel movies since, “Iron Man”, you know about the elite agency that is tasked with keeping the superhuman working for the not-so superhuman agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. so if you loved “The Avengers” you will more than likely like this. The cast, mainly composed of newcomers is anchored by fan favorite Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson.

Joss Whedon is behind the TV adaptation and he can be very hit-and-miss so this is a wait and see, personally. His previous series “Dollhouse” limped to the finish line after a less than stellar ratings performance and offering even less in terms of quality.

If you love Marvel though, it’s at least worth one watch. Another hurdle facing the show is there was already a short-lived series tackling the “super”; “No Ordinary Family” starring Michael Chiklis and Julie Benz. Airing in 2010, it never found the audience the network had hoped. So while it might not appear so at first, this is a gamble for ABC.

Premiere Date: September 24, 2013 – Airs Tuesdays @ 8 p.m.

"Back in the Game"

James Caan (“Magic City”) and Maggie Lawson (“Psych”) star in this sitcom that seems like “Trouble with the Curve” and “Bad News Bears” joined together. Lawson plays a single-mom who moves back with her retired baseball star father and decides to coach her son’s little league team.

Though the plot sounds worn, Caan always manages to elevate the material that he’s in and the previews indicate he has wonderful daughter/father chemistry with Lawson. It’s a family comedy that offers a little bit for everyone. Plus, baseball is a sport that always manages to be an entertaining backdrop for life lessons and stories.

Premiere Date: September 25, 2013 – Airs Wednesdays @ 8:30 p.m.


The buzz has been building for this primetime soap for a while. Based on a Dutch series, it is in the vein of line-up leader “Revenge”. It tells the story of a woman (Hannah Ware) as she carries on a secret life resulting from her adulterous affair with a man (Stuart Townsend) her unknowing husband (Chris Johnson) wants to destroy.

Layered with so many sudsy twists and turns, the main problem facing this series is the leads are archetypal antagonists. Audiences will be facing an uphill battle to root for these characters. You will have to jump on this one from the pilot as the story developments are dense and are going to be hard to keep up with coming in late. The biggest advantage with this show, it is a limited run series (13 episodes). So there is promise of closure for viewers, if the show is cancelled. See It or Free It?

Premiere Date: September 29, 2013 – Airs Sundays @ 10 p.m.

"The Goldbergs"

There is reason to be stoked about this one; it is being compared to one of the greatest TV shows of all time, “The Wonder Years”.  The show follows the exploits of the Goldberg family as they weather life in the 80’s.

It’s based on the creator’s (Adam F. Goldberg) experiences growing up and recreates his home videos for the series. Starring mostly unknowns, the hilarious Jeff Garlin is the best known face. Having fresh faces will work in the show’s favor, giving it a more genuine vibe.

Premiere Date: September 24, 2013 – Airs Tuesdays @ 9 p.m.

"Once Upon a Time in Wonderland"

A spin-off from “Once Upon a Time” this universe will run parallel with the world of Storybrooke and crossovers between the two shows will happen throughout each show’s respective seasons.  Sophie Lowe, a rising star from Australia, is starring as Alice and having seen her in previous roles, she is a strong choice.

The cast also includes John Lithgow voicing The White Rabbit and Naveen Andrews (“Lost”) as Jafar. If the impressive cast is any indication, this show has promise. Not so excited about the mental institution angle though, it’s a little too “Twelve Monkeys” for a family show. See It or Free It?

Premiere Date: October 10, 2013 – Airs Thursdays @ 8 p.m.

"Super Fun Night"

A perpetual scene stealer, Rebel Wilson is finally where she belongs; front and center as the series lead of this comedy. She’s not only starring though, she is the creator and the series’ writer. The story is rather simple, three best friends incur various high jinks on their mission to have, as the title proclaims, a “Super Fun Night”. 

Premiere Date: October 2, 2013 - Airs Wednesdays @ 9:30 p.m.

"Trophy Wife"

A wild woman spontaneously marries a man she just met with two ex-wives and children. She must then navigate being accepted by her newfound family. Between Malin Ackerman and Bradley Whitford, laughs will definitely be had.

The diverse personalities on the canvas will serve as a nice foil to her energy. The infectious likability of Ackerman is definitely a major reason to tune in. Her turn in the remake of “The Heartbreak Kid” is one of the most underrated comedic performances in movies. 

Premiere Date: September 24, 2013 – Airs Tuesdays @ 9:30 p.m.

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