Fall/Winter TV's Best New Bets: The CW

"The Originals"

The spin-off of the hit show “The Vampire Diaries”, viewers already have a hint as to what this show will be like if they caught the backdoor pilot last season. There are potential hazards for the series as it centers on the dreadful Klaus (Joseph Morgan), an antagonist/villain to the hilt whose irredeemable antics aren’t exactly the basis for a root-worthy story.

The sole reason, I’ll be tuning is for the regally noble Elijah (David Gillies), who should’ve been the lead of the show. If you like “The Vampire Diaries” this is worth checking out. See It or Free It?

Premiere Date: October 8, 2014 – Airs Tuesdays @ 8 p.m.

"The Tomorrow People"

Robbie Amell (cousin of “Arrow” star Stephen Amell) is making his bid for CW ascendancy with this Sci-Fi drama. An American adaption of the successful British TV series of the same name, it follows a group of young people who develop superhuman powers through evolution.

One of the main draws of the series is Aaron Yoo, whose comedic timing and overall performance were key elements in the success of the 2007 hit, “Disturbia”. Finding the right balance of sci-fi seriousness and comedic elements will play heavily into the show's entertainment value. See It or Free It?

Premiere Date: October 9, 2014 – Airs Wednesdays @ 9 p.m.


The biggest gamble for the CW this season is without a doubt this period drama. Centering on the early life of Mary Queen of Scots, the key demo might feel alienated by a time period that has found most of its success on cable, where an older audience is typically at the heart of viewership.

The scintillating tidbits that have elevated the sensual overtones on cable will be hard to replicate, if not impossible. How well a network, mostly known for its pop culture Babylon mentality; will fare depicting a show where there is no texting, should prove interesting. The network is showing faith, giving it the coveted time-slot after “The Vampire Diaries”. See It or Free It?

Premiere Date: October 17, 2014 – Airs Thursdays @ 9 p.m.


The love story of an alien guy who falls in love with (you guessed it!) a human girl. Think “I Am Number Four” as a TV series and you will have the jest of this show.  In the deft hands of “Friday Night Lights” alum Aimee Teegarden, the show already possesses great promise.

She’ll be starring opposite proverbial CW teen, Matt Lanter (“90210”), whose characterization as Liam Court, to put it mildly, left much to be desired. The concept has potential and the story of a guy from another world falling for the average girl never gets old, according to the CW at least.

Premiere Date: Mid-Season 2014

"The 100"

A post-apocalyptic drama that is based on the book of the same title by Kass Morgan. The CW has been trying to cash in on the post-apocalyptic craze, since the success of “The Hunger Games”, after failing to catch the wave for two seasons, first with two reboots of the now defunct project “The Selection” and now "The 100".

Produced by uber-teen production juggernaut Alloy Entertainment, they’ve proved to have a talent for spotting burgeoning hits; “Pretty Little Liars”, “The Vampire Diaries” & “Gossip Girl” are proof of that. Whether they’ve got another hit under their belts, won’t be known until next year.

Premiere Date: Mid-season 2014

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