Fall/Winter TV's Best New Bets: Complete List

Eclectic Pop has sifted through and read all about TV’s new series that are being introduced this season. After looking through them, the best bets have been narrowed down into an easy to follow list, categorized by network.

To give some perspective here's the breakdown of how many new series were picked from the line-up. Out of ABC’s new series, 7 out of 15 were chosen. Out of CBS’s new series, 4 out of 9 were chosen. Out of NBC’s new series, 4 out of 17 were accepted. Out of FOX’s new series, 4 out of 13 were selected. Out of The CW’s new series, 5 out of 7 were chosen. 

For the best offerings to check out this Fall/Winter, click the link to the network you want to read about: