Let's Discuss: 'The Vampire Diaries'

When this season began it was with such sweet promise. What a difference 5 episodes can make. This has been the worst season of the series so far and with no end in sight, Eclectic Pop has narrowed down the top 5 worst things happening on the show thus far.

#5: Delena Who?

For fans of Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev), the much ballyhooed and off-screen “summer of love” that Elena has been whining about having, since Stefan (Paul Wesley) was in a trunk, was shown for .02 seconds before she was having visions of Stefan. What a pay-off for fans that have waited 5 seasons to see them together!

When Elena and Stefan were together it was an all consuming storyline where Damon was an afterthought. His and Elena’s scenes were a veritable exclamation point at the end of a moody, music montage at the end of an episode. Now that they are together, all of the attention has turned to Stefan and Elena’s lost love and she has been giving him bedroom eyes ever since. The payoff for fans has been a dismal disappointment.

#4: Inconsistent Canon

This season the show has retconned almost everything, from doppelgangers to Silas and every other muddled angle of the show’s dense mythos. Let’s address the biggest angle affected by the changes. In an attempt to hold up the “Stelena” pairing, there has been a newly realized advent; doppelganger kismet.

That’s right folks, Stefan and Elena, or rather their likenesses, are so amazing together that the universe keeps recreating them, every generation so they can fall in love, over and over again. Therefore they are destined to be together.

The problem is this plot twist makes absolutely no sense and not because it is just an obviously ridiculous invention to prop the pairing, it simply makes no logistical sense. Stefan and Elena are from two different generations. They are not each other’s contemporary. So shouldn’t Stefan have already met his Elena doppelganger and they live, happily ever after?

Plus, Stefan is Silas’ shadow self and Amara, the woman that Silas loved in the past died, therefore she shouldn’t have a shadow self. She is no more. Elena can’t be that character’s doppelganger. Hence, no love cycle.

Editor's Note* In the episode "Handle with Care" it was revealed that Amara is still alive. Thus, making her able to cast a shadow.

#3: Back from the Dead…Again:  

Last season Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) was “killed” off or so viewers were led to believe. Savvy fans would notice that McQueen gave no exit interviews and despite his character being burnt to a crisp, a sneaking suspicion would grow into the most absurd storyline that The Vampire Diaries has done (so far). Jeremy rose from the dead.

You cannot return to your body after it’s been blown to smithereens. At the end of the same season, Bonnie (Kat Graham) died. Forward to the latest episode and they are saying she, too, can be brought back from the dead.

There is one major problem with this whole scenario, the mechanics. As with Jeremy, Bonnie’s body should no longer be available to host her soul. That’s it, period. If she were a vampire it'd be different.

#2: Dual Roles for Everyone

When Nina Dobrev began playing Katherine on the show, it was understandable. It gave her an opportunity to showcase her range and it gave viewers a much needed jolt from the drowse inducing antics of Elena. That was then. Now, it seems that everyone on the show has an alter ego and get this; they are playing the exact same characters, they normally play!

Paul Wesley (Stefan) is also Silas, a replica of “ripper” Stefan and Zach Roerig (Matt) is playing a guy just as oblivious as Matt, the only difference, being he now sports a European accent. Wowza! There are other characters on the show that would benefit from a contrast. These are not it. Not only are they not stretching themselves, these characters are boring both ways.

If the showrunners want to introduce new characters, get actors to play them. If it is a cost saving measure, it is a bad one. Cast another actor as this season’s villain, this should not be an opportunity to have Stefan on for 90% of the show.

#1: Viewer Whiplash

Why should the audience be invested in these contrived death “shockers”, when a deus ex machina will be utilized in the immediate future reversing things? It loses any investment the audience should feel in future deaths. For the past two seasons, any commitment to a story direction has changed in the blink of an eye.

Apparently, in fear of instant fan backlash, there is a loophole quickly introduced to backtrack. Elena’s a vampire, there’s a cure! Jeremy’s dead, Bonnie can “witch” him back! Elena loves Damon, she is sired to him! Make a decision and stick to it. The only consist fabric in the show’s foundation is Stefan’s ever constant presence. That’s not a great one.

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