The Bedroom Hour: Themes (EP Review)

The Bedroom Hour comes on strong with their mesmeric EP, ‘Themes’. There is a quality of other-worldliness to their sound and an 80’s synth-like eminence to the EP. Opening with “Shadow Boxer” The Bedroom Hour pulls you into the luxurious instrumentation that luminously lights the rest of the album.

“Tyrannosaur” opens with a catchy rift that develops into a haunting melody. Accompanied by an ethereal vocal performance, this song captures a lot of emotional resonance. “Themes” follows and it is a brief and intensely poignant number with fervent melodious charm.

“Midnight Game” follows and it immediately hooks you with a spectacularly crafted rhythm that is highly entrancing. The gentle sway of its musicality is alluring and it maintains a rivetingly emotional continuum. “X Marks the Spot” evokes clever wordplay and is plotted with tender lyricism that envelops the song in a beautiful and soul-rendering, gratification.

Closing out the EP is “Slow Motion Cinema”, one of the most emotional songs from 'Themes'. It touchingly paints the story of pain and loss, set against the backdrop of an hourglass of time that is running out with a loved one. The song’s title is a recurring lyric that beckons for time to remain still. What the song captures so effectively is the raw emotion and anguish that comes from reconciling, the inevitable fate of human life.

The Bedroom Hour’s 'Themes' is wrapped in a brilliantly conducted, enthralling blend of pop, rock and several other genres in between. They maintain all of these aspects by keeping the simplistic power of the human heart on full display.

You can check out the inventive video for “X Marks the Spot” here. 'Themes' is currently on sale and available on iTunes