'Dallas' Reboot Packs in the Twists, 'Vikings' Goes to Battle - Plus, More

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The twists and turns just keep coming in Season 3 of the sudsy drama. From business storylines to red-hot romance and treachery, “Dallas” is still firing on all cylinders. With the addition of suave businessman Nicolas (Juan Pablo Di Pace) stepping in to aid Elena (Jordana Brewster), the show is in tip-top shape.

Throw in Juan Pablo Di Pace’s performance, and you have ample charm abounding in the role of the Ewings’ latest nemesis. In a season of “Dallas,” where villains have become heroes and vice versa, there is no telling what is coming next.

Hairiest Break-Up: “Once Upon a Time”

Emma (Jennifer Morrison) decides to break up with her new honey Walsh (Christopher Gorham), in “Once Upon a Time,” after regaining the knowledge of her fairy tale past. Shortly after breaking the news, Walsh turns into a flying monkey, revealing he knew the whole time.

Wowza! On a side note, how is it that after her mind-wipe, the emotionally elusive Emma was able to find love in less than a year? Especially when you consider that she was single way before “Once Upon a Time” started and has yet to couple up with anyone in the span of almost three seasons?

Most Heart-Wrenching Performance: Freddie Highmore, “Bates Motel”

As a frantic Norman attempted to spirit Bradley (Nicola Peltz) out of town, Norma (Vera Farmiga) attempted to salvage her son’s fragile mind with a part in the local musical theater production. Outside of the auditions, Norma tries to calm Norman, whose emotions and hidden truths are bubbling underneath a thin surface.

Freddie Highmore’s performance was riveting as he played Norman’s desperation to both keep his secret and maintain his mother’s approval with equal vigor. It was stirring and contemplative, a fascinating turn that encapsulated a near-mental implosion and the calm after emotional havoc.

Fiercest Battle: “Vikings”

While the physical battle was fearsome on “Vikings,” the quick and lethally focused incursion of enemy forces on Ragnar Lothbrok’s village was an interesting narrative that brought the ugliness of war and the sad battle for survival into rare focus.

Most Obvious Soap Twist: “Revenge”

Returning to the highfalutin shores of the Hamptons after the hiatus for the Olympics, Emily (Emily Van Camp) realizes that during her blackouts on “Revenge,” she has been behaving in an uncharacteristic manner. Hence, putting her agenda at risk. 

For any “One Life to Live” fans out there, her ailment is blatant DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder). Between a bout of amnesia and now this, Emily is a walking homage to the beloved soap opera.

Worst Mother: Aria’s Mom on “Pretty Little Liars” 

Aria (Lucy Hale) finally confronts her mother (Holly Marie Combs) about leaving/abandoning her and her brother on “Pretty Little Liars.” Mama Montgomery made this selfish decision so that she could jet off to Europe to live with her boy toy lover. When Aria rebuked her mother for her disgusting behavior, she struck every chord imaginable.

Then the tide turned. 

Mama Montgomery (Ella) put her decision on her teenage daughter. Ella would later turn up with the revelation that her barista boy toy had been interrupting her and Aria’s mother/daughter time together. Why? Well, to ask what Aria’s reaction was to his marriage proposal. 

Give me a break. 

Of course, Aria melted and beamed over her mother’s newfound happiness. So, the gist is that Aria had been holding up her mother’s engagement announcement because she was catching her mom up on her problems. The audacity! “Pretty Little Liars” intimated Aria should feel guilty that her new “stepdad” had to wait for his answer.

Aria’s frustration fading away was beyond obnoxious, given her mom had abandoned the family. And to add insult to injury, Ella only came back for a visit to retrieve her children’s blessing, so she could get married and live in Europe with her husband full-time. No comparison. The worst TV mother of the week -- and possibly, the year.