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Best And Worst Television of 2014

Best Show: Bates Motel | "Expectations were high and Carlton Cuse and Kerry Ehrin delivered...In the course of 10 episodes, they took viewers on a roller coaster ride, bringing them conflict, romance, treachery, action and family drama.

Immaculately written, performed and directed, watching an episode of  "Bates Motel" unfold should feel inevitable given we all know how it ends and yet its beauty is in making one hope we don't." For more on why defending champ “Bates Motel” earned the title for the second year in a row, click here

TNT's 'Dallas' Reboot Cancelled: Why It Will Be Missed

Brilliant storylines, a strong cast and sleek production were not enough to save TNT’s enthralling Primetime sudser. After three seasons the exceptional “Dallas” reboot has gotten the ax. Yesterday’s announcement comes with an especially bitter taste given the finale left various storylines in limbo. The most fans can hope for is that TNT will green light a TV movie to close things up. It’s not the first time that “Dallas” has left the airwaves and after several TV specials throughout the 90’s, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the series rise one last time.

TV Rundown: Sept 21 - 26 | Death Strikes 'Dallas', 'The Blacklist' Returns, Plus 'DWTS' & more!

The Blacklist | Red and company made their return to television in a satisfying season premiere that proved to be a rather eventful affair. There was a stellar Red-centric opening sequence, a fantastic performance by guest star Krysten Ritter, a shocking revelation (Red has a living ex-wife) and the much awaited return of Harold.

Here’s hoping Red’s ominous reference to Harold’s health doesn’t turn out be anything serious. Elsewhere, Liz opted for a sleek bob and looked to move on with her life post-Tom. Despite the bad way things ended between them, it would be unfortunate for Tom to really be dead. It feels like the series had just scraped the surface of their convoluted marriage.

TV Rundown: Sept 14 - 19 | The Return of 'DWTS' & more!

Dancing with the Stars | This past week’s season premiere featured some spectacular opening numbers. “Pretty Little Liars” star Janel Parrish wowed in an electrifying debut that impressively marked her entrance as a force to be reckoned with. Tommy Chong’s highly entertaining number was everything you could imagine a dance from him would be.

TV Rundown: Aug 31-Sept 5 | Betrayal on 'Dallas' & more

Dallas | Elena revealed her manipulations to the Ewings and demanded retribution. Why she never felt she could come to Bobby when she first learned of JR’s deed switch is still hazy. What's clear is she crossed a line she will never be able to return from. In all of her indignation she failed to acknowledge her own hypocrisy. Her brother was responsible for the death of Christopher and Pamela’s unborn twins and she and her mother knowingly harbored him from the law, justice and the Ewings. Her brother had killed innocent babies.

TV Rundown: Aug. 24 - 29 | The 'PLL' Shocker & more!

Tyrant | A shocking close to the first season, the finale was a game changer that left viewers on the precipice of a grim outcome. Ashraf Barhom’s sensational performance as the despotic Jamal was sensational as was Morian Atias’ turn as Leila, her closing monologue providing a chilling allocation of revenge. As the hour transpired with riveting repercussions, it made a phenomenal case for a second chapter. “Tyrant” has been a must-see, one of the year’s best new dramas and a stunning accomplishment for FX. 

TV Rundown: Aug. 17 - 22 | 'Dallas', 'Tyrant', 'GH' & more!

Dallas | TNT’s sensational reboot kicked off its fresh batch of episodes with a bang, as the aftermath of the blazing inferno and mangled threesome took center stage. Since it premiered, “Dallas” has been one of the best dramas burning up the airwaves and this week’s returning episode proved why. Bobby and Pamela’s sad rebuke of John Ross, the mystery as to who set the fire and Judith Light’s delectably devilish turn as the matriarch of the Ryland family; made for beyond satisfying viewing.

TV Report Card: The Complete List: 2013/2014 Season

Another season of television has flown by and with that, the reflection process can begin. Eclectic Pop has deconstructed and graded a multitude of television series that aired in the 2013-2014 season. The grading process was broken into five categories.
Those five categories are measured with equa…

TV Report Card | 'Dallas' Season 3A Review

Overview: The showdowns continued as John Ross (Josh Henderson) lied and cheated in an attempt to gain control of Ewing Global. Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) grew a beard and romanced a sassy ranch-hand (AnnaLynne McCord). Elena (Jordana Brewster) plotted revenge and embarked on a romance with her adopted brother. Bobby (Patrick Duffy) was on his toes trying to stop John Ross. Anne (Brenda Strong) and Sue Ellen (Linda Grey) attempted to rein in their despotic children to no avail.

Emma (Emma Bell) had an affair with John Ross and remained smugly self-confident throughout it all. Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) was none the wiser, failing to figure out her husband’s betrayal. The Rylands (Mitch Pileggi and Judith Light) continued their run as a mother/son team to be reckoned with, as the thin line between love and hate, became blurry for one side of the duo.

TV Rundown: April 13 - 18: 'Dallas' Shocks

Biggest Shockers: Dallas: It was one explosive moment after another during the series’ mid-season finale. The shockers definitely left viewers with something to mull over, until the second half of the season kicks off in August. After this installment had started out strong, it experienced some mellowing with the adultery storyline involving John Ross and Emma. If the finale is any indication, there is hope the show is getting back on track after it slightly deviated off-course.

TV Rundown: March 30 - April 4: 'DWTS' Inspires

Most Awe-Inspiring Moment: Amy Purdy’s Dance on Dancing with the Star: After watching the emotional package that led into Purdy’s contemporary dance, there was no doubt it would follow suit with matching poignancy. Viewers were given a snap shot of all she and her family have overcome and it was heart-wrenching.

Then with majestic elegance, she once again defied all of the obstacles life has thrown in her way as she gave a magnificent tribute to the human spirit and more pointedly, her own. It’s moments like these that prove DWTS is more than a reality/competition series and why after 18 seasons it’s still a must-see.

TV Rundown: March 9 - 14: 'Dallas' Packs on the Twists

Top Twisty Drama: Dallas: The twists and turns just keep coming in the sudsy drama’s 3rd season. From business storylines to red hot romance and treachery, the series is still firing on all cylinders. With the added character of suave businessman Nicolas (Juan Pablo Di Pace) stepping in to aid Elena (Jordana Brewster), the show is in tip top shape.

Throw in Di Pace’s performance and you have ample charm abounding in the role of the Ewing’s latest nemesis. In a season where villains have become heroes and vice versa, there’s no telling what’s coming next.