'Dallas' Shocks, 'Revenge' Finally Gives Victoria a Win - Plus, More


It was one explosive moment after another during the “Dallas” mid-season finale. The shockers definitely left viewers with something to mull over until the second half of the season kicks off in August. 

After this “Dallas” installment had started out strong, it experienced some mellowing with the adultery storyline involving John Ross and Emma. If the “Dallas” finale is any indication, there is hope the show is getting back on track after it slightly deviated off-course.

It’s About Time on “Revenge” 

Finally! Victoria became wise to the motives of the frustratingly elusive Emily Thorne. It was a discovery that she should have made long ago. Now that she has the knowledge, it’s time to finally enjoy what she does with it, and it needs to be good.

Best Payoff Goes To “The Tomorrow People”

Continuing at the series’s breakneck pace, “Modus Vivendi” checked off one of the major plot points of “The Tomorrow People.” Finding out where the chess pieces land after this episode is a query bursting with possibilities. 

The reveals of certain characters’ true motives were handled with surprising results. The only thing “The Tomorrow People” needs to nip in the bud is the Stephen/Cara relationship. It is not working, making Cara look worse every time it re-immerges.

“Bates Motel” has Character of the Week 

No other “Bates Motel” character had quite the fiery run that Emma did this week. Emma was firing on all cylinders between comforting Norma in her hour of need, making up with Norman, or attempting to stir a despondent Dylan to his family’s defense.

Olivia Cooke’s unique ability to portray Emma’s genuine sweetness and fierce strength with equal measure continues to impress. She manages to make a character that in lesser hands might’ve seemed fragilely unavailable into a strong character with a forceful edge and dignified wisdom. 

On another “Bates Motel” note, the final moments of “Presumed Innocent” once again offered immense cliffhanger material. Lately, a sense of foreboding doom has textured each episode. The beauty of “Bates Motel” is that it keeps viewers so close to the action that deducing the future chain of events is next to impossible.

“Dancing with the Stars” Provides Stunning Show

Did you see James Maslow and Peta Murgatroyd’s contemporary-style dance to the smash hit “Let It Go” from “Frozen”? What about the ice mansion rising from the stage? If you thought it was amazing, you were not alone.

The set design and use of projection have always been stunning on “Dancing with the Stars.” This week, however, it blew past its already breathtaking standards, taking itself to extraordinarily new heights. It was easily one of the most stunning visuals the show has ever pulled off.

Little Blunders Strike “Arrow” 

This week’s episode of “Arrow” opened with the team removing their masks moments after penetrating a target location. As one might imagine, it was not a good decision, given there were still guards crawling the place who could ID them.

Elsewhere, Laurel stared at an Oliver-inspired “vision board,” trying to determine if he was The Vigilante. In an “Arrow” season that has seen its share of rough spots, little things like this have proven to be the most frustrating of all.

“Game of Thrones” Shocks with Another Death

The death of the epic series’ main villain, Tywin, came with a bittersweet resolution. Sweet because the villain in question was one of the evilest to ever grace the small screen, and it was pleasant to finally see them receive their comeuppance. The bitter part is that Tywin’s massive presence will be sorely missed. Oh, and his departure from life was not bad or torturous enough. After Tywin had just dealt another devastating humiliation to Tyrion, he did not deserve to go so swiftly.

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