Sonic Assembly: Singles Edition: Nina Baker, The Fireflys, Stage Republic & Wullae Wright

Nina Baker

From the charming album ‘Quite Frankly’ comes Baker’s latest single, “Bruising”. Its inventive music video showcases the day in the life of an ordinary person whose life takes an unexpected turn. Shot in black and white, it follows its subject with intimate proximity.

Accompanying the action is the pop verve of “Bruising”, which envelops the torn emotion of a love rife with conflict and rooted in sentiment and hurt. The lyrics “Every fight we end up hating/Those three words we end up breaking” nicely summing it up. Baker, making her point with a biting sting that hits its mark. To watch the video, click here and follow Nina Baker on Twitter @NinaBakerMusic

The Fireflys

From the Great Britain based band, comes their new single “Repeat/Release”, a flurry of alt rock with loads of melodious heart. The video for the single features band members walking outside as the camera points towards them.

The song’s opening acoustics give way to a layered addition of instrumentals, as the lyrics provide encouragement to a downtrodden soul. “Repeat/Release” offers a sonic glimpse back in time to the early 90’s era of pop with its moody headiness. Proceeds from sales of the track will go to Breast Cancer Awareness. To listen/watch/purchase, click here and follow The Fireflys on Twitter @thefireflys

Stage Republic

Amsterdam act; Stage Republic has a plethora of singles on SoundCloud and among them is the dazzling number “Hollywood”, a retro chic, rhythm heavy pop treat. It’s a send up to the bright lights of the notorious entertainment hub.

On the SoundCloud page for the song, Stage Republic writes of it “…a tribute to every artist that ever entertained me on stage, on the street and on the big screen.” Sensing the affectionate enthusiasm for its theme is an easy thing to grasp as the music pulses with a vibrant energy that shines. To listen click here and you can follow Stage Republic on Twitter @stagerepub

Wullae Wright  

“Superhero” is the latest single off of Wright’s most recent album ‘The Orange Line’. Filled with moody melodicism and backed by a raw vocal performance, “Superhero” is gilded with tender instrumentation, taking flight with a percussion laden production. The lyrics are the sorrowful lament of cancer's stranglehold on the sufferer and their loved ones.

Picking up on the gentle tones and ubiquitous emotion which charge the entire ‘Orange Line’ album, Wright’s “Superhero” is indicative of something, well, super. To purchase or listen on BandCamp, click here. Proceeds from sales of the track will go to a Scottish Cancer Charity. You can follow Wullae Wright on Twitter @WullaeWright