Sonic Assembly: Dirty Cakes Band, High/Low, Tom Mitchell & Dead Sea Navigators

Dirty Cakes Band | Out of Los Angeles, California comes the Dirty Cakes Band, a group that’s self-described “psychedelic desert grunge” composes the nostalgic sounds of their EP ‘Never Alone’. A throaty vocalization breathes life into the titular single, a tune that starts timidly before indulging in a louder expression. The ensuing track “In the Sunshine” takes a turn down a surprisingly different avenue as hazy vocals take a back seat to the impressive beckoning of a horn section.

Concluding the EP is “Tombstone”, an extensive and simmering track that burns with a smoldering intensity. On ‘Never Alone’, Dirty Cakes Band offers a taste of mellow rock exuberance, dishing up a sonic assortment of flavorful attractions. To listen on BandCamp (click here) and you can follow Dirty Cakes Band on Twitter @DirtyCakesBand
High/Low | Hailing from Britain is the alternative rock band whose debut album pulsates with vigorously soaring guitar and drum riffs. ‘Stuck in a Void’ is a rock effort stirring with the zeal of a youth-fueled fever, springing with punk elements and alt angst. Opening tracks “Night Drive” and “Crashland” run wild with a chaotic force that concurrently echoes the album’s soundscape. There is a California sensibility that seeps forth in “Mustard Man” and “Surf Tank” and courses throughout the album’s lively temperament.

“Machines”, “What Is It?” and “Altered Beast” blare with indomitable reckoning. Polishing off the album with uplifting and rollicking, hard core, elemental rock are “Burnt”, “No Light” and the finale “Sneakers”. High/Low’s debut is consistently spirited, a work of frenetic energy. To listen on BandCamp (click here) and follow them on Twitter @wearehighlow
Tom Mitchell | With his spectacular EP ‘Things That I Need to Undo’, UK singer-songwriter Tom Mitchell takes listeners through a time portal back to the familiar sounds of the 60’s and early 70’s, a time of golden music. As folksy reverie takes center stage on the immaculately charming “Susie the Seamstress”, a spellbinding ditty that’s romantic whimsy is nothing short of enchanting.

Second track “Michael’s Garden” is a slow reflective piece with measured restraint, a gentle passage. Following is “The Songsmith’s Apprentice” a smooth and psychedelic, soft rock offering. Closing out the EP is the eponymous “Things That I Need to Do” a sparkling number that elicits the flower child delight of a bygone time with wistful lyricism and divine instrumentation. To listen on BandCamp (click here) and follow Tom Mitchell on Twitter @therealtommitch
Dead Sea Navigators | The mystical sounds of the indie rock band have returned with a 3-song EP, ‘Your Man from Havana’. Featured on Eclectic Pop last year as a Spotlight Artist, the Dead Sea Navigators latest work, picks up right where their earlier EP ‘Uncharted’ left off. The titular “Your Man from Havana” is steeped in the group’s signature foray into the majestic essence of a nocturnal awareness.

Talk of saying goodbye to a relationship composes the lyrical content of the eerie “Concierge”, a wily track that brews with a piano centered eloquence. The EP’s final song, “Brigitta”, hones an escalation of broodingly swathed emotion. Cloaked in an invigorating darkness, Dead Sea Navigators continue to chart an engaging course of musical delight. To purchase (click here) and you can follow Dead Sea Navigators on Twitter @DeadSeaNavgtrs