TV Rundown: Aug. 17 - 22 | 'Dallas', 'Tyrant', 'GH' & more!

Dallas | TNT’s sensational reboot kicked off its fresh batch of episodes with a bang, as the aftermath of the blazing inferno and mangled threesome took center stage. Since it premiered, “Dallas” has been one of the best dramas burning up the airwaves and this week’s returning episode proved why. Bobby and Pamela’s sad rebuke of John Ross, the mystery as to who set the fire and Judith Light’s delectably devilish turn as the matriarch of the Ryland family; made for beyond satisfying viewing.

Pretty Little Liars | During a double date Caleb was again confronted about his moody behavior and after a bromantic talk with Toby, he was finally able to open up to Hanna. The reveal tied into the absurdly horrible “Ravenswood”. This really needs to be the last time that dreadful show and its mythos is mentioned. There is no reconciling the two series’ creative universes and there is no need for closure. It would be best to act like it never happened.

Tyrant | The penultimate episode of FX’s superb freshman drama centered on Barry’s secretive grasp for power and the fallout it’s had on his marriage. Throughout its remarkable debut season, “Tyrant” has explored the complicated web of family loyalty and the murky quest for virtue, in a provocative manner that has enraptured. The series’ ten-episode run has flown by and as it closes down, one can only hope it will be renewed for a second season. 

Teen Wolf | “Perishable” opened up with an edge-of-your-seat sequence that found Parrish in mortal danger and things only got more intense from there. As strong as the episode was (there was even an amazing Stiles/Sheriff Stilinski scene) there was one thing that stuck out. The coach said that he couldn’t stop the underage teens from getting drunk at their party. So he knew they were going to do something illegal and all he could do was hope one sober student could keep them safe? Sounds like a cop out. More after the jump...

Witches of East End | Flying through some fierce story this week, the Beauchamp’s worked to free Ingrid from her un-consensual bond with the creepy Mandragora and Frederick’s true loyalties were revealed. One question remains; if Frederick could’ve dealt with things so easily, why didn’t he do it a lot sooner? 

Under the Dome | In “Awakenings” a mystery person vandalized Big Jim’s assets and Barbie attempted to get a message inside the Dome. During the last moments of the show he scrolled a warning about the outside world to his paramour Julia. As impressive as it was that he was able to write backwards so quickly, why didn’t he just put a pre-written paper against the Dome wall? It’s little plot devices like this that draw away from the show. 

General Hospital | Carly and Sonny’s steamy hook-up has placed the long divorced exes back in the eye of their proverbial passions and it’s been a blast to watch. Seeing “Carson” back in action has proved to be worth the arduous wait. 

The Bold and the Beautiful | There were a lot of lamentations on this week’s B&B as Ridge brooded over his acute skill amnesia and Liam mourned his big swim in Paris costing him Hope. By week’s end Liam prepared to unload what really happened to his newfound sister-in-law. Enough of the yo-yoing, let Hope’s latest decision last for, at least, 2 weeks.