TV Rundown: August 10 - 15 | 'PLL', 'True Blood' & more!

Pretty Little Liars: Emily finally came to her senses about Ali in “A Dark Ali”. After ranting about Emily’s undeterred faith in Ali for weeks, she deserves some kudos for finally seeing the light and acknowledging her mistake. As the Liars join forces to fight the foe within, things are about to get exciting.

A major highlight of the episode belonged to Hanna and Mona’s interaction. As interesting as all of the other dynamics on the show are, Hanna and Mona’s frenemy-ship is one of the most compelling of the series and this week proved why.

Teen Wolf: How many times was it mentioned that Scott is an alpha? In “Time of Death”, Scott was repeatedly reminded of his status during his nightmarish semi-purgatory. At this juncture in the series, Scott has not exactly been convincing as a leader in any capacity and for various reasons. Saying it ad nauseam will not make it any more believable.

True Blood: Well that ended quickly. As Jason’s vengeful ex-girlfriend storyline was ramping up, it was rapidly wrapped up in a surprising climax. Elsewhere, Sookie refused to take life saving direction for the billionth time. Are viewers really supposed to feel bad for her, when her arrogance and brash decisions lead to her loved ones being killed? She deserves to be chewed out and instead the audience is forced to endure her sniveling whines, as other characters attempt to rectify her self-worth. 

Under the Dome: The mysterious egg that makes “the stars fall” created a magical flurry of pink sparkles in “Going Home”. This week the mystical egg echoed the behavior of Ghostwriter, the titular character from the 90’s TV series; another silent entity that led people to the answers that had escaped them. Hmmm…

Tyrant: As Barry struck a deal to overthrow Jamal, tensions ran high and things in his picture perfect marriage with Dr. Molly started to see a downturn. The freshman series has found its footing as it weaves together interpersonal family drama and geopolitical intrigue. Adam Reynor’s performance as the conflicted Barry/Bassam continues to impress with every ensuing episode, conveying the cunning savvy of a man torn between his own ambition and what is right and wrong. More after the jump...

Witches of East End: “Boogie Knight” opened in splashy fashion with a 70’s dance sequence that let Jenna Dewan-Tatum show off the impressive dance skills that she had previously demonstrated in the movie, “Step Up”. It was a fun way to kick off the episode and showcase the bewitching Freya.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Liam didn’t make it to Hope after all and she walked away from the Eiffel Tower temporarily heartbroken. That was until Wyatt persuaded her, with some very convincing arguments, to let go of Liam and marry him. Surprisingly, she did it! Fans of HOTT were able to rejoice. Of course, the bit where she walked away during their ceremony so they could take the “plunge” into the water, gave fan’s hearts one last jolt before they could breathe a sigh of relief.

General Hospital: Levi Dunkleman’s true motives were revealed this week and as someone who has readily enjoyed this controversial character, it was a two edged sword. While it was a great payoff to a strong storyline, the flip side is that the exposure of his villainous intent might mean his days in Port Chuck are numbered. Hopefully this isn’t the set up to his exit story. Levi and his portrayer Zachary Garred have brought a much needed lightning rod of passion to the show and it’s been terrific.

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