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TV Rundown: Aug. 24 - 29 | The 'PLL' Shocker & more!

Tyrant | A shocking close to the first season, the finale was a game changer that left viewers on the precipice of a grim outcome. Ashraf Barhom’s sensational performance as the despotic Jamal was sensational as was Morian Atias’ turn as Leila, her closing monologue providing a chilling allocation of revenge. As the hour transpired with riveting repercussions, it made a phenomenal case for a second chapter. “Tyrant” has been a must-see, one of the year’s best new dramas and a stunning accomplishment for FX. 

Let's Discuss: The 'True Blood' Series Finale

Saying goodbye was sadder than expected. Known for its bawdy camp, out-of-this-world storytelling, and vulgar abandon, “True Blood” signed off in a manner that felt appropriate despite being an about-face from the overall tone of the series. All the while possessing the qualities most finales shoul…

TV Rundown: August 10 - 15 | 'PLL', 'True Blood' & more!

Pretty Little Liars: Emily finally came to her senses about Ali in “A Dark Ali”. After ranting about Emily’s undeterred faith in Ali for weeks, she deserves some kudos for finally seeing the light and acknowledging her mistake. As the Liars join forces to fight the foe within, things are about to get exciting.

A major highlight of the episode belonged to Hanna and Mona’s interaction. As interesting as all of the other dynamics on the show are, Hanna and Mona’s frenemy-ship is one of the most compelling of the series and this week proved why.

TV Rundown: July 27 - August 1: 'Teen Wolf', 'PLL' & more!

Teen Wolf: Scott saved a well-bound Liam and then proclaimed at the end of the episode that he would save everyone on the dead pool (aka the kill list of supernatural persons). Someone has become mighty confident in their abilities.

Elsewhere, Malia and Derick worked to sniff out a mystery and Lydia used her Banshee powers to realize that someone close to the pack is marked for death. Will they actually expire? Here’s hoping they stay among the living.

Pretty Little Liars: Hanna’s downward spiral continued as her fellow Liar’s finally seemed to notice something was amiss. Caleb, who had previously been a positive influence on her, is also backsliding and the two seem destined for a personal oblivion at this juncture.

TV Rundown: July 13 - 18: 'Witches of East End', 'Liars', 'Tyrant' & more!

Witches of East End: After the premiere’s “oh my” moment where Ingrid hooked up with a blue entity that bared a striking resemblance to Dr. Manhattan, the series went for another sight shocker. This time it concerned recently returned prodigal son, Frederick, as he charmed his Aunt Wendy’s earring by reciting some things in a foreign tongue (Latin?), swallowing the item and then bringing it back up.

After Wendy got her jewelry back, it was hard to determine which lack of knowledge was more upsetting and detrimental to her health. Her nephew bewitching her adornment or the way he went about it.

TV Rundown: July 6 - 11: 'Pretty Little Liars' Celebrates 100 Episodes

Pretty Little Liars: Liar’s hit the 100 episode mark and it delivered, mainly with two fierce confrontations between Ali and the survivors of her bullying. For the first time since she returned from the “dead”; Ali stood face to face with Paige offering an olive branch. Lindsey Shaw’s magnificent performance conveyed Paige’s intimidation, frustration and pent up hurt. It was a powerful scene and Sasha Pieterse’s reactionary turn as Ali served to anchor its emotion.

TV Rundown: June 29 - July 4: 'True Blood' Fills Up

Sucking: True Blood: Hopefully that was the last bad episode of the series. Sunday’s installment was filler; complete with a gratuitous diary reading by Sookie that brought about zero plot development whatsoever. One of the series struggles has been writing the characters (especially the townsfolk) with much depth and this week that problem came back full tilt.

Plus, wasn’t the uprising dealt with last week? Why wouldn't Sam appoint an interim Mayor or authority to act on his behalf and quell citizen distress? It makes no sense.

TV Rundown: June 22 - 27: 'True Blood' Readies for One Last Suck

One Last Suck: True Blood: The return to Bon Temps was an exciting one and the episode that launched the series into its final season, indicated it was firing on all cylinders. The entertaining opener produced a shocking death, a raunchy hook-up and a heartfelt plea from Sookie. The stakes are high for every character on the canvas and they are all tied together by its umbrella of repercussions.

The ensemble has never been so interwoven and it’s working. The best teamwork award would have to go to Bill and Andy, an unexpected duo, whose underlying animosity (at least on Andy’s end) provides a gripping nuance to their dynamic.

TV Report Card | 'True Blood' Season 6 Review

Overview: The sixth season of  "True Blood" found Sookie and Jason trying to find the person who killed their parents, Bill dealing with morphing into Bill-ith and Eric trying to stop the persecution of vampires who have been imprisoned. There was a lot happening this season and the HBO veteran was firing on all cylinders.