TV Rundown: July 27 - August 1: 'Teen Wolf', 'PLL' & more!

Teen Wolf: Scott saved a well-bound Liam and then proclaimed at the end of the episode that he would save everyone on the dead pool (aka the kill list of supernatural persons). Someone has become mighty confident in their abilities.

Elsewhere, Malia and Derick worked to sniff out a mystery and Lydia used her Banshee powers to realize that someone close to the pack is marked for death. Will they actually expire? Here’s hoping they stay among the living.

Pretty Little Liars: Hanna’s downward spiral continued as her fellow Liar’s finally seemed to notice something was amiss. Caleb, who had previously been a positive influence on her, is also backsliding and the two seem destined for a personal oblivion at this juncture.

Why he is behaving so drastically different is quite odd. It is an apparent attempt by the writers to tie the awful “Ravenswood” spin-off into his storyline on “Pretty Little Liars” and it is not working. The spin-off was a mistake and it’s time to move on from it as quietly as possible. Not relive it through Caleb’s newfound moody disposition.

True Blood: “Karma” was the best episode of the farewell season, since the promising opener. The storylines finally started to progress and going light on Sookie’s airtime proved incredibly beneficial to that. Between Eric and Pam’s showdown with the Yakuza (how exactly did they capture Pam?), Bill’s struggle with his diagnosis and Sarah revealing the latest trick up her sleeve, it proved to be an entertaining hour.

Under the Dome: The writing for this series isn’t always smooth but in “Reconciliation” there were developments that made for a particularly bumpy ride. Phil, the laid-back radio guy, had his ambitions shaken and became drunk on a tonic of revenge (literally). In other out-of-nowhere developments, Julia has become the self-appointed leader of the entire community.

Clearly someone of moral integrity, she seems an ethical choice. However the strides she has made towards authority has made her seem like more of a politico, than an honest aid to the community. As a result, the show’s losing the only character that was worth caring about.

Witches of East End: Frederick was unable to save the day after bringing the wrath of deadly twins on his family. Bidding farewell to a character that hadn’t made much of an impact on the canvas was a good move and Wendy’s troubled series of dates with her new EMT paramour proved highly endearing.

General Hospital: Long one of the comedic backbones and scene stealers of GH, Alice and her portrayer Bergen Williams have always been a spectacular asset to the show. Given Alice’s recent heart troubles and desperate need for a donor, her physical predicament has given the show one of its most heartfelt storylines.

This week Williams got a chance to shine in a rare dramatic moment, as Alice told Michael that her heart was filled with so much love, she couldn’t believe there was something wrong with it. This tender scene was a pleasure to behold amidst the current mob drama. Alice is one of the rare characters on GH where there are no conflicted feelings as to whether or not to root for her, you just do and this week proved why.

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