Fall's Best New TV Bets: FOX

Gotham | The highly anticipated Batman TV series stars Benjamin McKenzie as James Gordon before he became the commissioner of Gotham. Apparently it will be the hybrid of a crime-of-the-week procedural, while also teasing introductions to the famous mythology. A young Bruce Wayne, Penguin, Catwoman and Poison Ivy are set to appear.

FOX’s foray into superhero television comes after The CW’s notable success with the retired “Smallville” and recent hit “Arrow”. Last season, ABC attempted to produce similar results with “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”, which after sufficient early buzz saw its share of struggles. “Gotham” has a 16-episode order so FOX is taking a cautious approach before committing to more, a move that should prove fruitful either way. Premieres: Sept 22 & Airs Mondays @8pm EST

Red Band Society | An American adaptation of the Catalan series “Polseres vermelles”, “Red Band Society” follows the relationships between a group of teens living in a pediatric ward and the staff that takes care of them. Billed as a dark comedy, it’s hard to imagine watching a show focused on such a grim subject matter. However, the trailer makes a compelling case to watch. It was incredibly moving, reminiscent of “Glee” with the theme of kids from different walks of life being brought together by similar circumstances. 

After the success of “The Fault in Our Stars”, it wouldn’t be surprising to see “Red” be a hit. Oscar winner Octavia Spencer anchors the cast of unknowns and she should provide a lot of the series heartfelt laughs. Premieres: Sept 17 & Airs Wed @9pm EST
Best Returning Bet: Glee | The last season of the landmark musical dramedy will take its final curtain call next year. Bidding farewell to the lovable characters that have left an indelible impression will bring its share of sorrow but the good news is that it is putting its best foot forward to give fans the goodbye they desire. The final season finds Blaine, Sam and Rachel returning to Lima to pursue new endeavors.

Last season the show lost a bit of itself in New York, especially where Rachel came into play. Thankfully, she seems to be back on track next season as her storyline focuses on efforts to resurrect the Glee Club. Catch up on Season 5 with Eclectic Pop's TV Report Card, click here Returns: 2015