TV Rundown: Aug 31-Sept 5 | Betrayal on 'Dallas' & more

Dallas | Elena revealed her manipulations to the Ewings and demanded retribution. Why she never felt she could come to Bobby when she first learned of JR’s deed switch is still hazy. What's clear is she crossed a line she will never be able to return from. In all of her indignation she failed to acknowledge her own hypocrisy. Her brother was responsible for the death of Christopher and Pamela’s unborn twins and she and her mother knowingly harbored him from the law, justice and the Ewings. Her brother had killed innocent babies.

Neither Bobby nor any of the other Ewings knew about what JR had done or were complicit in any way. How she could so haughtily speak of betrayal, when she knowingly stabbed the Ewings in the back, was hard to take. Her anger at JR was understandable but to lump an unaware Bobby in with him is just wrong, cruel and unfair.

Teen Wolf | At his mother’s urging, Scott returned the money from the Dead Pool back to Derek who preceded to accept it and announce that he owned the building he lives in. In other words, he isn’t hurting monetarily. So this brings one thing to mind, why didn’t Derek give just a fraction of it to Scott and Stiles? Especially after Scott had done the right thing; expecting nothing in return. Why not repay him and Stiles for sticking their necks out countless times to save Derek? He wouldn’t even be alive to enjoy his money without them and it would be a small gesture in the long run.

Under the Dome | Big Jim was finally reunited with his long presumed dead wife, Pauline. After staging her cruel demise, she left Jim to raise their son and torture himself with guilt over her “suicide”. When he confronted her, she was moderately repentant over the pain she had inflicted and strangely, that was enough for the unusually forgiving Jim, who readily took her back. Is he a changed man, after all? It’s unclear. When he learns that Pauline doesn’t actually want to reconcile and was once again lying, Jim’s status should be revealed.

Houdini | History Channel’s historically inaccurate biopic of the late great Houdini was a slight to his memory and that of his wife. The History Channel didn’t even preface the series with a dramatization clause. Instead, it allowed viewers to take everything as fact. “Artistic license” is nothing new and understandable in some circumstances, such as the creation of composite characters to depict something in a compressed timeframe. Outright dismissal of the facts is disturbing. Stay tuned to Eclectic Pop for a full review of the mini-series. 

General Hospital | Who else is ready for the reveals to roll out? There are so many plot dominoes ready to topple over and it's about time for the aftershocks to be felt. 

The Bold and the Beautiful | Ridge found a creative surrogate in Caroline and Ivy put the moves on Liam. Both of their luck seems to be turning around from a few weeks ago.