Fall's Best New TV Bets: NBC

A to Z | Airing after “Bad Judge” is another single camera sitcom, this one stars “Drop Dead Diva” alum Ben Feldman as Andrew, a romantic working at an internet dating site. When he meets Zelda (Cristin Milioti, “The Wolf of Wall Street”) a no-nonsense attorney, sparks fly. The show’s setup indicates a quirky take on the episodic rom-com and even features a narration by Katey Sagal.

Milioti quickly became a fan favorite during her stint on “How I Met Your Mother” playing the “mother” a pivotal role she made popular, satisfying heightened expectations. Boosting the talent behind-the-camera is the mega-talented Rashida Jones who is an executive producer on the project, an encouraging sign it has tremendous potential. Premieres: Oct. 2 & Airs Thursdays @9:30pm EST

Bad Judge | Kate Walsh stars as a harsh judge with a raunchy personal life. When a young boy enters the picture, she gets a wake-up call that might send her lifestyle in another direction. This sounds reminiscent of the plotline in the hilarious movie “Bad Teacher” with a profession change. This is Walsh’s first full-time foray back into television since “Private Practice” and “Bad Judge” will be a comedic reprieve from the heavy tragedy that filled the erstwhile med drama.

Walsh proved she had an innate funny side with her role in “Fargo” where she played a recently widowed, eccentric temptress. It was a salty performance that allowed her talents to shine in a new light. As a half-hour comedy, “Bad Judge” has the ingredients to regain NBC its comedy crown. Premieres: Oct. 2 & Airs Thursdays @9pm EST
Best Returning Bet: The Blacklist | The best new series from network television, last year. Its freshman season was nearly flawless, possessing everything a quality procedural should: an incredible lead character (Red), a likable heroine (Liz), periodic storyline payoffs (bad guy of the week) and an intriguing long-term mystery that works as the show’s core mythos (Is Red Related to Liz?).

Writer Jon Bokenkamp and the unflappable James Spader have created a character that stands head and shoulders above the average protagonist/antagonist. The second season has a lot to live up to and there’s reason to believe it can. If you missed the first season, Netflix will begin streaming the entire first season Sept. 7. Read up on Season 1 with Eclectic Pop’s TV Report Card by clicking here. Returns: Sept. 22 @10pm EST