TV Rundown: Sept 14 - 19 | The Return of 'DWTS' & more!

Dancing with the Stars | This past week’s season premiere featured some spectacular opening numbers. “Pretty Little Liars” star Janel Parrish wowed in an electrifying debut that impressively marked her entrance as a force to be reckoned with. Tommy Chong’s highly entertaining number was everything you could imagine a dance from him would be.

With the night's final dance, “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” star Alfonso Ribeiro threw down the gauntlet with a knockout Jive that stunned. Other memorable standouts included Sadie Robertson (“Duck Dynasty”), YouTuber Bethany Mota and “Mean Girls” actor Jonathan Bennett. One thing became very apparent following the opener, this season is going to be a lot of fun.

Dallas | As the cartel storyline reached its climax in “Boxed In”, the final moments of the episode found Bobby in a life altering predicament, as he was forced to choose between Anne and her reprobate daughter Emma. As if that weren’t shocking enough, the biggest jaw dropper actually came in the preview for the two-part season finale, which proclaimed “one Ewing will die”. So who could it possibly be? It’s hard to imagine the show without any of its cast members and the ones that it could afford to lose aren’t Ewings.

Trusting the skillful writing of “Dallas” can leave one’s fears rest assured. This episode proved that in spades. After a season of questions surrounding Nicolas’ mysterious subterfuge, he was able to rattle off his entire backstory and the motives behind his plotting in a single scene. It was a pleasant surprise for a reveal to be dealt with so swiftly. It makes one wish other shows would follow suit.  

General Hospital | As nice as it was to have some storylines reach their pay off (the Maxie/Lulu kidnapping), the one’s that matter the most (Ava and Sonny's just deserts) continue to be dragged out ad-nauseam. It’s time for a big confrontation that blows the lid off of everything, including Carly’s salacious fling with Sonny. On another note, if it’s truly the end of Levi, it’s sad to see him go. He had a lot of potential as a long-term/reformed villain. Now we’ll never know.

The Bold and the Beautiful | Wyatt/Hope/Liam - it is the triangle that refuses to end. Despite the eventual victor’s obvious identity (Liam), the storyline has agonizingly persisted. It is so painfully clear that Hope wants to be with Liam and in every storyline he has ultimately won out.

Why drag Wyatt through the dirt and sully what’s left of the character’s dignity, fighting for a woman who couldn’t make her romantic indifference for him any clearer, if she scribed it on her forehead. The triangle was a lot more interesting when Wyatt was presented as a viable suitor, now he’s been reduced to a groveling shell. Why not pair him with cool newcomer Ivy?

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