TV Rundown: Sept 21 - 26 | Death Strikes 'Dallas', 'The Blacklist' Returns, Plus 'DWTS' & more!

The Blacklist | Red and company made their return to television in a satisfying season premiere that proved to be a rather eventful affair. There was a stellar Red-centric opening sequence, a fantastic performance by guest star Krysten Ritter, a shocking revelation (Red has a living ex-wife) and the much awaited return of Harold.

Here’s hoping Red’s ominous reference to Harold’s health doesn’t turn out be anything serious. Elsewhere, Liz opted for a sleek bob and looked to move on with her life post-Tom. Despite the bad way things ended between them, it would be unfortunate for Tom to really be dead. It feels like the series had just scraped the surface of their convoluted marriage.

Dancing with the Stars | Another week of quality dancing saw Tommy Chong prove his spectacular debut performance was not a one-time thing. Chong is easily one of the most lightheartedly entertaining competitors to be on the show in a long time. Not since George Hamilton has the show had such a vibrant personality as a competitor and it’s been a blast. Continued...["Dallas" spoilers ahead]
Dallas | Following a week of intense speculation, the third season finale answered the burning question of which Ewing would die and the ill-fated goner was Christopher. At least that’s what it seemed like. After showing a man with his back to the camera enter the vehicle, the camera cut away to the assassin punching the lethal order into his cell phone and the car that supposedly had Christopher inside, blew up. If this is indeed the end of Christopher, why not make it blatantly clear? The show gave itself Texas-sized leg room to change the twist. Something feels incredibly fishy.

This is the series’ first planned death of a major character and the actor who is supposedly gone from the show gave no exit interviews, instead opting for a prepared statement and a tweet. That is just strange, bordering on suspicious.

This is the show that had Bobby rise from the dead in a shower when it was revealed an entire season had been a dream, so it’s not necessarily a stretch. The bottom line is Christopher’s demise could’ve been clear cut and there is a reason it wasn’t. All may not be as it seems…or it might. In the end, only time will tell.

The Bold and the Beautiful | Hope’s tearful confession to Liam that she is having her husband’s baby led the star-crossed twosome to (once again) call it quits (technically they weren't together). Since it seems clear that Liam/Hope are the endgame, any and all of the tension concerning this triangle has officially dissipated.

If Hope really loved Liam she would’ve waited an eternity for his arrival in Paris, especially given their track record. She married Wyatt instead. The proof is in the pudding so why are the writers ignoring it?

General Hospital | Ava Jerome’s reign of terror continued this week as she escaped Sonny’s clutches and rolled Jason over with her car in the process. It’s yet another in a long line of near misses that have found the evil Teflon dame, walking away unscathed from certain destruction. If the writers are hatching a scheme for her redemption, she needs to suffer to earn it.

Her nine lives routine has gotten old and she’s done nothing but prove she is even more of a psychopath than earlier thought. Not exactly the trademarks of a redeemable character. On another note, can the Franco/Carly pairing finally meet its end?

Line of the Week: Dallas | “Fortunately John Ross’ heart is so small a bullet couldn’t find it.” - Pamela on her estranged husband’s perilous safety