Let's Discuss: Last Week's Stirring Episode of 'Reign'

There are few characters on TV’s canvas as noble as Mary (Adelaide Kane) on the CW’s historical drama “Reign”. This past week’s episode, “The Lamb and the Slaughter” proved that point with exceptional impact as she suffered various highs and lows, including a horrific personal loss.

Amidst all of that, she continued to stay poised and carry herself with regal dignity. The same could not be said for Lola (Anna Popplewell), Mary’s best friend who slept with Francis (Toby Regbo), the love of Mary’s life, conceiving a child with him.

As viewers saw last season, Lola spent most of her time feeling sorry for her own self and the personal loss of freedom that came from her mistake. Rather than be consumed with the heartache she has caused her dear friend.

She busied Mary with finding a suitable husband for her so that she wouldn’t have to lose upward mobility. Lola, supposedly raised in the art of etiquette truly knows no bounds when it comes to outrageous requests.

Sadly for Mary, she believes that Lola feels guilty about her betrayal, despite there being great evidence to the contrary. That would thankfully give way as Mary finally reached her breaking point, lashing out. Her coolly articulated and accurate points would’ve leveled a remorseful person, stricken.

However, that was not the case for the self-righteous Lola, who remained indignant over her responsibility in any of the turmoil she helped create. Even as Mary graciously accepted Lola and Francis’ baby and planned a lavish christening for him. It still wasn’t enough for the girl who wants to eat her cake and have it too. She needs to learn about consequences and humility. 

One surprising development of the episode was Greer’s (Celina Sinden) mature decision to be with Lord Castleroy (Michael Therriault), as she made a final argument for him to marry her. It was a sweet scene, hopefully, born out of sincerity.

She and Leith (Jonathan Keltz) are root-worthy, their tender dance to the string version of The Lumineers’ “Stubborn Love” ranking among their most romantic moments. “Reign” deserves credit for making both men strong candidates, instead of making one a cartoonish villain. The thing is Lord Castleroy is a woman’s choice.

He has shown her nothing but kindness, generosity and utter devotion. She is fortunate to have him. She could’ve just as easily fallen prey to someone dastardly. It still seems the other shoe has yet to drop. It’s rare for a CW show to follow through on a coupling that counters a star-crossed angle. Here’s hoping this proves an exception.

[Featured Image by The CW]