TV Rundown: Oct 26 - 31 | A Villain Returns Home on 'Arrow', Liz's Secret is Exposed on 'The Blacklist' & more!

Arrow | Malcolm Merlyn came to the rescue, saving the latest episode from disaster. The suave John Barrowman’s magnetic performance as Merlyn has brought the jolt of energy the series desperately needs. Under Merlyn’s influence Thea has drastically improved within the span of two episodes and her portrayer Willa Holland has found her groove as Oliver’s toughened up sister by another mister. The only downside to all this, is that Oliver continues to pale in comparison. 

A storyline that is definitely not working is Team Arrow’s revenge for Sara arc. She killed countless people whose families probably want their own share of retribution. It’s time to stop the cycle. It bears repeating, she lived by the arrow and she died by the arrow. Move it along. PS – enough with the flashbacks!

Revenge | Emily’s lame reasoning for not contacting David felt like another in a long line of contrivances to hinder the progress of this season’s main storyline. Why couldn’t Nolan intercede on her behalf? Why doesn’t Emily think revealing her true identity will bankrupt all of Victoria’s leverage? It makes no sense.

Victoria’s biting remarks to Emily within regards to her less than angelic behavior during her father’s absence seemed to make a minor impression. Though with an ice queen like Emily it is hard to tell. On another note, what is with all of the secrecy surrounding Conrad’s “murder”? Enough with the cat and mouse; if he’s really gone, let’s see some proof.

The Blacklist | It was a strong outing for the crime procedural that revealed the backstory of Dembe, Red’s right-hand man and exposed Liz’s big secret. The problem was that by the point of the reveal, what she was hiding had grown too obvious. Now the question becomes what she will do with Tom next and whether she still has feelings for him. 

Dancing With the Stars | With the exception of Len’s highly anticipated return and the ensuing boisterous hilarity of Bruno, this week’s Halloween episode was, for the most part, an underwhelming affair. The biggest shocker was the lack of content in Janel and Val’s Viennese Waltz to the “Pretty Little Liars” theme song. Among the highlights was Nikki Yanofsky’s live performance of her single “Necessary Evil” and Tommy and Peta’s Quickstep. Unfortunately Antonio was sent home after performing his best dance. Meanwhile, Michael who scored straight 5s remained safe for another week.

General Hospital | Viewers waited all week for Franco to finally say “I don’t” to Carly at the alter. The disappointing aspect of Carly and Sonny getting outed is that it is coming from the one character they have the most right to eviscerate. Franco, of all people, beating his chest about injustice is too much to take given all he’s done, especially to Michael. Elsewhere Nina uttered the line of the week as she warned Ava to “buckle up”. Ava is evil incarnate and empathizing with her is downright impossible. Her smug arrogance and lack of culpability has gained her no redemption.

The Bold and the Beautiful | Katie needs to dump Ridge, Rick needs to stop whining and Ridge needs to come down a few notches. Kudos to John McCook (Eric) for his performance during Friday’s episode as Eric asked Rick to take the job as CEO. His hurt expression during Rick’s railing pulled at the heartstrings.