TV Rundown: Sept 28 - Oct 3 | The Return of 'Reign', 'Vampire Diaries', 'Revenge', 'OUAT' & more!

Reign | Returning to the airwaves in regal fashion, “Reign” did not miss a beat catching the waves of last season’s momentum. As the plague threatened everyone in the realm, Mary outmaneuvered a devious Catherine, Kenna and Bash lost a loved one, Greer worried over her lost love Leith’s next move and Francis made a decision about his new baby.

Mary going into full fledged Queen-mode provided the series with a defining moment for its heroine. She’s not who she once was, she’s stronger and kudos to Adelaide Kane’s subtle flinch when Mary imposed her lethal verdict. It was a stellar nuance.

Revenge | The season premiere opened with Victoria in the mental institution Emily had her committed to during last season’s finale. She didn’t stay there long, swiftly planning her escape and swearing vengeance. For the smug Emily, annihilating her enemies and flaunting her success still hasn’t brought her the happiness she desires (shocker).

The biggest letdown was the assertion that Conrad is dead. If that turns out to be true, it is the worse self-inflicted loss this show could suffer. This episode felt disparately hollow and that was because Conrad was missing. Jack as a newly minted cop didn't help matters either.

The Blacklist | Red finally had a face-to-face meeting with Berlin and their showdown was worth the build-up. Red confidently declared his innocence of the crime at the center of Berlin’s vendetta, which was a relief. Berlin wasn’t so convinced and vowed to continue his mission. Before their exchange concluded there was yet another hint as to why Liz is so important to Red. For this fan, it only furthered speculation that she is indeed his daughter. Now the big question is whether she’s his daughter with the ex-Mrs. Red. 

Dancing with the Stars | Janel Parrish scored the first perfect score of the season following a spectacular routine to the music of “West Side Story”. Parrish not only performed the routine, she lived it. Everything from her facial expressions to her footwork was perfection. The icing on the cake was Parrish’s heartfelt response to her scores, as it was clear she was genuinely moved by the pronouncement. More after the jump..

Once Upon a Time | The characters of “Frozen” officially entered the universe of OUAT and one thing was clear right off the bat, actresses Georgina Haig (Elsa) and Elizabeth Lail (Anna) are well cast. They share a believable sister chemistry and their mannerisms mirror that of their animated counterparts. The only drawback to the crossover was that the Arendelle universe lacked vibrant imagery, as the lush color palette that made the movie so beautiful to look at was substantially absent. Hopefully with a little post production magic that can be changed. 

The Vampire Diaries | The sixth season got off to a surprisingly quiet start. It was an outing rooted in character developments more akin to an episode of “One Tree Hill” and that was a good thing. For the last several seasons, the show has gotten too carried away with its action packed facets. Having Alaric back was the best part of the opener. There is finally an adult around to hold the kids accountable on a consistent basis. 

General Hospital | For months Nina’s private nurse Rosalie has brought pizzazz to every scene she’s been in and this week was no exception. Her visit with Michael took an unexpected turn that gave her portrayer Linda Elena Tovar a chance to show off her dramatic acting chops. Rosalie is one of the characters you always want to see more of and with any luck this is only the beginning. As for the show as a whole, it is definitely gaining major traction.

The Bold and the Beautiful | Fred Willard’s guest stint as Eric’s brother began and it looks like viewers are in for a great arc from the comic. B&B needs some levity and this could be just the ticket!

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