TV Rundown: Nov 2 - 7 | Felicity's Backstory Exposed on 'Arrow', 'Reign' Rules & Janel Parrish Stuns on 'DWTS'

Arrow | The highly anticipated Felicity-centric episode everyone had been waiting for, finally arrived and it was a mix of predictable twists and surprising revelations. For two seasons viewers have been left wondering who the woman behind the speedy banter, computer tech wizardry and stylish outfits is. The answers were unexpected.

Through flashbacks we learned about Felicity’s college days, where she was Lisbeth Salander Lite, a hacker turned activist whose boyfriend turned to the dark side. From the onset of the episode’s mystery it was rather apparent who was behind the computer virus turning off Starling City’s electricity so the tension there was severely lacking.

Getting back to Felicity, something that has always set her apart is her upbeat spirit. She is the counter to Team Arrow’s broody and angry energy. Her zest and excitement has been a character contrast, the show desperately needs. Everyone on “Arrow” shouldn’t be coming from a miserable place and yet another character was added to that origin archetype in “The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak”.

The flashbacks revealed a moody Goth with emotional damage and poorly articulated mother issues. Felicity growing up as an ostracized social outsider with a Pollyanna-esque outlook would’ve been an understandable backstory. The Felicity presented in this week’s episode was hard to accept. Gone was the sweet, compassionate, awkward nerd with a girl-next-door sensibility we’ve come to know and love. 

She was harsh with her mom for no discernible reason and relatively snippy in general. Mama Smoak came across a tad flighty but she was also affectionate, dedicated and loving towards her only child so Felicity’s anger and resentment towards her was incredibly difficult to follow. The good points of the episode were Emily Bett Rickards’ (Felicity) engaging performance, Felicity’s interaction with Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh continues to be a scene stealer) and the mother/daughter story, the episode told.

There are more to life’s relationships than romances and “Arrow” has done a consistently good job exploring parental ones (Laurel/Mr. Lance, Moira/Oliver, Thea/Malcolm/Moira). Closing out the episode was a final second shocker that managed to be a genuine bombshell. Here’s to finding out what it all means next week…

Dancing With the Stars | Janel and Val skyrocketed to the top of the leader board with a stunning Contemporary routine. While Tommy and Peta dazzled with a sentimentally satisfying number. The theme of the night being “dynamic duos”, Sadie and Mark danced to a number inspired by Adam and Eve. The strangest bit from that dance was the inaccuracy interwoven into the choreography as an emphasis was put on “Adam” trying to take the apple away from “Eve”. What was that about? 

Reign | To say “Three Queens” was a spectacular outing for the period drama would be an understatement. Expertly balancing comedy, romance and a flair for the dramatic, this episode is the perfect illustration for why “Reign” is a must-see.

As the cunning Catherine and idealist Mary set out on a trip together, their sharp repartee quickly took center stage. Their carriage attacked, they manage to escape, finding shelter in a nearby tavern. It’s there they learn that a pair of nefarious impersonators are to blame for Mary and Francis’ poor reputation with the peasants.

Mary and Catherine have quickly become one of TV’s best duos. There is a shared respect between the two of them that makes their rivalry as adversaries spark to great effect. Megan Fellows and Adelaide Kane have developed an impressive on-screen rapport that readily conveys Catherine and Mary’s begrudging fondness for each other, as well as their fierce opposition.

Watching them duke it out is a consistent pleasure. On a side note, Lola and Lord Narcisse’s flirtation was fun to watch unfold and if you’re rooting for Narcisse to turn out to be a good guy after all, you’re not alone.

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