TV Rundown: Dec 7 - 12 | The Midseason Finales of 'Reign', 'Arrow', 'The Flash', 'Revenge' & more!

Reign | Mary reigned a fiery vengeance down on her assailants, in what was another powerful scene from Adelaide Kane and a surprisingly fast development for the series. The impact of the storyline has proved far reaching and it has put Frary in a terribly sad position. The most unexpected revelation of the episode was Conde’s love confession to Mary. Personally, there was little lead up to it, so it came as a bit of a shock.

Given Mary’s vulnerable state, it seems a very ill-timed declaration from Conde. Not to mention, he knows his cousin, Francis, is still reeling over what happened to her and is desperately fighting to save his marriage. Conde’s lack of compassion is hard to ignore. 

Meanwhile Catherine’s unraveling mental state continues to be a troubling storyline. Watching a character that has been so ferociously strong, deteriorate for no discernible reason is puzzling. Maybe she’s being poisoned and it will come out that Henry was too. The Castleroy/Greer storyline took another turn.

Just as it seemed the Pepper King was done for, Leith valiantly stepped in to have him spared. As nice and likable as Leith is, I really hope this doesn’t lead to him and Greer being repaired. She is wonderful with Castleroy and they’re unique pairing is a refreshing one. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

Revenge | The deadly mid-season finale claimed the life of the second to last character worth watching the show for. If this season was supposed to be a retooled version with Victoria playing the role of avenger, it sure doesn’t seem like it. She’s lost two children, her vast fortune and all of her allies. As she came clean to David, one glaring issue remained glossed over.

David is 100% guilty for his and his daughter’s predicament. He slept with his boss’ wife and attempted to run away with her, absconding with the man’s son in the process. Did he expect no retribution? Emily needs to come to terms with what her father’s actions produced and his guilt in all of it.  Only then can she be set free from her misguided undertaking. For more on the big midseason death, check out “Let’s Talk About…[Spoiler Alert] Being Killed Off “Revenge”

The Vampire Diaries | In what was perhaps the most depressing Christmas special of all time, Bonnie spent the holiday alone, while Caroline’s mom barely clung to life. If the beloved Sheriff Forbes succumbs to her illness, it would be one of the worst and saddest deaths on the series. Caroline’s relationship with her mom has been a critical part of the show and they share the only parent/child relationship on it. They don’t share enough scenes together as it is and when they do, they’re always the highlight of the episode.

Arrow | The midseason finale left viewers on a literal cliffhanger. After the trigger person in Sara’s death was revealed and the identity of who orchestrated it, Oliver had to face off with Ra’s al Ghul in a duel to save his little sister’s life. The ending was unexpected, taking advantage of audiences conditioning to presume that the hero will always triumph.

Of course the implications are only short term given that the star of the show will obviously not remain dead. This storyline could potentially set up a reboot of sorts for the series, given Oliver will have to once again reintegrate into his life and the series could hit some of the notes it missed the last time it tackled that arc.

Laurel breaking the news of her sister’s death to her mom in a coffee shop was the episode’s most bizarre moment. There are a lot better places to deliver that kind of news than in a public place. Stranger yet, was when the ex-Mrs. Lance reacted with the same emotional response you’d expect, if the waiter had told her they were out of sugar. The best moment of the episode was Ray confiding in Felicity over his lost love and plans to save the city with his Iron Man-type robo-suit. Ray Palmer and Brandon Routh’s dashing portrayal are exactly what this show needs. He’s a game changer for “Arrow” and here’s hoping they seize the opportunity for all that its worth.

The Flash | It was a busy episode for Barry, as he faced off against his most difficult opponent yet (Reverse Flash) and confessed his long harbored feelings to Iris. Amidst all of the terrific action and Barry’s heartbreak at Iris’ gentle letdown, it was his consolatory conversation with Joe wherein, he told Barry that he doesn’t need the Flash, he needs Barry Allen that the series delivered its most poignant and heartfelt scene to date.

It was a keen example of what “The Flash” continues to do best, demonstrate the heart of its characters with touching moments that never feel forced. It was also another standout scene for Joe’s portrayer, Jesse L. Martin. With the CW garnering their first Golden Globe nomination for “Jane the Virgin”, one can only hope actors on the network, such as Martin, will eventually get the awards recognition they deserve.

Pretty Little Liars | The series’ first Christmas special proved a far more engaging hour than the last two Halloween-centric episodes have managed to deliver. Ali’s cool exterior proved to be a thin veneer, as her mind was besieged with visions of Mona. Elsewhere, the Liars’ investigation to clear Spencer made some headway and Hannah sweetly remembered her departed friend. The overall story progressed and there was even a slightly upbeat ending. It was a nice Christmas present to the fans.

Photo Credit: "Reign"/The CW