TV Resolutions Part 1 | 'Vampire Diaries', 'The Blacklist', 'The Flash', 'Arrow', 'Revenge'' & 'Bates Motel'

With a lot of series returning from their midseason hiatuses (“Pretty Little Liars” and “Revenge” have already come back); Eclectic Pop makes some resolutions for several series’ respective seasons.

The Vampire Diaries: It’s time for Bonnie to finally return home and find some much deserved happiness (for as long as anyone can on this show). She has more than earned it as the series’ most beleaguered heroine. Sheriff Forbes needs to remain among the living. She is the only surviving parent/true adult on the show and her relationship with Caroline is one of the show's few sweet spots.

The Flash: This show truly has its head on straight. The only thing it needs more of is Cisco, which is already in the works. Yay!

Arrow: No more flashbacks, let the show solely exist in the present. Please powers that be, let Felicity and Ray have a real shot at love and give Laurel a purpose besides whining about Sara.

Revenge: A reveal that Conrad has been alive the whole time. For Victoria to finally see what an awful guy David is and realize her only true equal in the crazy maniacal world she lives in is Conrad. For David to finally admit he brought everything on himself and Emily. Less Jack, more Nolan and Louise.
The Blacklist: Liz needs to come out of her funk and figure out her relationship with Tom. It sounds crazy but there still might be a chance for those too. It's clear Tom's feelings weren't all a put on and someone was putting him up to everything and it's high time the truth about his connection to Red is finally revealed.

The issue of Red having a daughter with the former Mrs. Reddington also needs to be resolved. If Liz isn't his only biological daughter or child for that matter, it throws the entire dynamic of the show off. Why is she such a top priority for Red, if he has another child he could be fixating on and protecting? Why would he go to such extremes for this particular one? Another storyline in need of resolution is the foreshadowing of Harold's potential health crisis; heal him.

Bates Motel: It's crucial that Norman's condition continue deteriorating gradually this season. His unraveling mind needs to take as long as possible to unspool so the show has a longer shelf life. More Norma and Sheriff Romero please, they are what quirky romances are made of.

An Emma/Dylan pairing could also hold potential. Emma wants to be a part of the Bates family and she's always shown Dylan some tough love. After learning all about his secret heritage last season, she might be the right one to show him the compassion he's longed for.

Stay tuned for Part 2 and find out what Eclectic Pop hopes happens on "Reign" and more...

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