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TV Rundown: April 27 | A Grave is Dug on 'Bates Motel'

Bates Motel | A nerve wracking hour found Bob Paris tightening a vengeful grip on Norma, Emma officially breaking things off with a frazzled Norman and Dylan risking life and limb alongside Caleb to fund Emma’s medical treatment with a weapons run for Chick. After last week’s more optimistically toned episode, “The Pit” took viewers down the twisty back road of uncertainty.

Just as Romero and Norma seemed to be inching ever closer to a relationship beyond the platonic, Bob Paris ruined it by instilling some doubt as to Norma’s true motives in the Sherriff; revealing her confession to James (the counselor) about Norman’s role in his father’s death.

In all fairness to Norma, Romero should understand why she would continue to lie to him about Norman’s guilt. He is an officer of the law first and foremost and she has reason to suspect his first loyalty remains to the badge. He’s always been a dogged investigator and he spent a lot of last season coaxing her into having Norman take a lie detector test for Miss Watson’s murder. Norma already has trust issues and after finding out the person she finally did break down to was beaten into a confession, it’s safe to say she’ll be keeping things even closer to the vest.

Emma’s formal break up with Norman answered one of last week’s burning questions. She let him down gently and he seemed none the wiser to her growing attraction to Dylan. He did take the news harder than one would expect, given his mostly aloof attitude when it came to their relationship. Just when things couldn’t get worse for Norman, he learned of Norma’s disclosure to the creepy counselor and all hell broke loose. In the ensuing hubbub Norma would utter one of the series’ most directly prophetic lines “You’re going to kill me Norman!”

Outside of White Pine Bay, Dylan and Caleb’s white knuckle expedition for Chick landed them in hot water of the nearly lethal variety. Goal wise, Dylan’s chivalrous mission to acquire the funds necessary to help Emma was met with an unfortunate outcome.

Thanks to an anticipatory Caleb, things didn’t turn out worse. “Bates Motel” is always attuned at layering the tension and as the trek wore on, there was a growing sense of dread that accompanied it. Dylan and Emma’s sweet telephone conversation, especially felt like a too good to be true setup to something ominous. With this deal falling through and Emma’s health growing all the more precarious, the tension for a resolution is all the more heightened. Is a happy ending in store? We’ll just have to wait and see…

Side Notes/Burning Questions: Did Gunner abscond with the brownies and letter Emma left for Dylan? The newly dug pit has the unmistakable aura of a grave. The question is whose will it be? Bob Paris is ruthless, diabolical and totally evil, so why hasn’t he taken a page out of the playbook of last year’s villain and threatened to kidnap/ransom Norman or Dylan, until Norma hands over the flash drive?

Will Dylan and Emma actually find happiness together? Will Norma and Romero overcome the latest hurdle in their relationship? With only one more episode left before the finale, the sadness of another amazing season coming to an end is starting to set in. Enjoy it while it lasts “Bates” fans!

Photo: "Bates Motel"/A&E