'The Flash' Hatches a Plan to Catch Reverse Flash and I Have Questions

The Flash | Barry and company’s plan to get Faux-Harrison Wells to confess to the murder of Barry’s mom sounded great, until you think about what they’re actually proposing. A man is going to come forward claiming he is a powerful time traveler, who killed Barry’s mom when he and The Flash traveled back in time together, during a vicious pursuit. Um, right.

Let’s be honest, that’s going to be a mighty tough sell to the courts and if that is the only plan they have, Barry’s dad will never see the light of day again. Central City has barely come on board to the idea of meta-humans existing so the notion that the courts would accept the explanation of a super human committing the crime and henceforth clearing Barry’s dad seems highly implausible. Granted, this is a show about the extraordinary.

The storyline surrounding the false imprisonment of Barry’s dad (Henry) has been the season’s biggest push and pull arc, sometimes progressing by leaps and bounds in one episode to only serving as a foot note in others. As the first season draws to a close, it would be nice to have some sort of resolution to it all. If he is set free and lives to tell the tale, how would he fit into the dynamic of the show though? Joe has filled the role of a parental unit and sadly most CW series only feature two adult characters.

With “Harrison Wells” possibly heading off, there will be a need for a new leader at Star Labs. Henry could do that. However, it’s unclear if the scientific arena is really his strong suit. Faux Wells had been crucial in problem solving the scientific dilemma of the week, alongside Cisco, Caitlin and Barry. If Henry were to take a leadership position at Star Labs it would give the show the opportunity to explore Barry’s two dads, working alongside both of them and all three collaborating on catching the villain of the week. 

That said, there is a nagging feeling that Henry will go the way of Stephen’s father on “The Tomorrow People”, a lot of build up to freeing him, only to have him die two episodes or so later. Hopefully the show goes another route. There’s a lot of story potential with Henry re-acclimating to the outside world, reconnecting with his son and rebuilding his friendship with Joe. It would be especially nice to see Henry and Joe bonding over their roles in Barry’s life. Seldom are two adults’ friendships explored with any depth on CW series and “The Flash” has an opportunity to break that convention. Here’s hoping they do. 

Side Notes/Burning Questions: The Reverse Flash is guilty of many things and that includes impersonating Harrison Wells, a descent guy whose life he snuffed out. One of the dilemmas the show hasn’t addressed is how the team can nab Faux Wells for Nora Allen’s murder without publicly placing the blame on the real Wells, therefore sullying the reputation of a man who doesn’t deserve it.

What will be the impact of the reveal that Eddie and the Reverse Flash are related? Is Eddie the Reverse Flash’s great-great-great (you get the idea) grandfather or just a second cousin, twice removed? Eddie going forward with his proposal to Iris without Joe’s blessing was a bad move.

[Image by The CW]