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TV Rundown: June 14 | Let's Talk About the Game Changing 'Game of Thrones' Finale

In the words of the great Jesse Katsopolis: “have mercy” or at least a little. “Game of Thrones” went full blown "valar morghulis" in its fifth season finale so it might actually be a shorter list to detail who survived the closing hour, as opposed to naming those who perished. Out of the six deaths, four were not exactly heartbreakers.

The second fatality in particular experienced an all too merciful end (if it was indeed their end); given their reign of terror. In the game of thrones, seldom is justice anything close to what it should be. The last death of the episode proved to be the most shocking and controversial; simply because it does not seem plausible.

Despite the series’ penchant for jaw dropping deaths and its infamous “no one is safe” mentality; it’s next to impossible to believe the show is actually parting with Jon Snow. Adding to the doubt he's actually gone is the lack of follow up.

Panning away from a dying individual as their eyes glaze over; isn’t wholly indicative of their death. If anything it feels like a giant cliffhanger; similar to how we left Theon and Sansa.

That is not to say GOT hasn’t gone for the jugular before and brought clarity to deaths that in the books were left open to a bit of interpretation (i.e. Ned Stark). As fans debate whether the death will remain permanent, only time will tell.

The show has a lot to lose either way. If the deceased rises again, they will have gone back on their "anything goes" sense of danger. While if Snow remains among the departed; a lot of seeds previously sown for something seemingly epic to occur down the line will have amounted to nothing. It’s a double edged sword.

Not so grey was the punishment heaped upon Cersei, easily one of the series' top villains. After suffering a stark imprisonment, she was ready to make a deal with the High Sparrow. Never one to break completely, she remained steadfast in her denials of her more major sins and despite confessing to the lighter charges, she was given a very harsh punishment.

Sentenced to walk completely naked from her prison to the castle at King’s Landing, her disposition began with her chin raised high, only to see her spirit diminish with every painstaking step.

If there was one point to take away from it all, it was that vengeance is hardly ever as fulfilling as one might imagine. After hoping to see the wicked Lannister get her comeuppance for everything she’s caused over the course of the last five seasons, when she finally got it; it felt excessively hallow.

There was no victory to be had in her suffering. Actress Lena Heady’s performance was her best to date, as she gently let the mask of the ever confident and constantly composed former queen slip to reveal something entirely shocking about Cersei Lannister, she's still human.

Side Notes / Burning Questions: Is Jon Snow really dead? What will become of Sansa and Theon? Will Davos ever learn the truth about Shireen? Never underestimate the blood thirst of Olly. Are Sam, Gilly and baby Sam the first ever recipients of a happy ending or is it too good to be true? The only thing better than Tyrion taking a leadership position in Meereen was his reunion with pal Varys.

How awkward will Jorah and Daario’s search for Dany get next season? At least they know they have something in common, they can talk about…or not. Hell hath no fury, so what will Cersei be planning to get even with her punishers? In light of the season finale one thing is certain; “Thrones” has left fans with a lot to ponder over the next year.

[Featured Image by HBO]