Vanessa and Ethan Seek Refuge on 'Penny Dreadful' and Find Something Extra


In “Little Scorpion,” Vanessa and Ethan head back to the home of the Cut-Wife to hide from the unrelenting evil stalking Miss Ives in London. It all seemed like the set-up to a dream episode; Vanessa and Ethan bonding as the hint of romance swirled amidst a deepening relationship and understanding of one another. Unfortunately, the hour did more to drive a wedge between them than draw the pair closer together, at least in the short term.

The themes of the evening included revenge and argued whether it was possible to obtain it without losing your soul. Despite the philosophical showdown between them, Vanessa acted to seize vengeance despite Ethan’s warning, severely damaging their burgeoning romance.

Something was missing in this episode, perhaps due to the high expectations set beforehand. Nevertheless, there were a few aching plot misses. Chiefly, one would’ve expected Ethan to confide his being a werewolf to Miss Ives. There is no need for secrecy about this matter. She is well-aware of the supernatural and has previously sensed he is mystical. Then there was the missed moment of Ethan exerting his wolf powers as an alpha upon Hawkes’ hounds.

Why would Ethan bother shooting Hawkes when he could’ve presumably turned the dogs against Hawkes himself? Nonetheless, with the hour concentrating on its finest characters, it was strong. Eva Green and Josh Hartnett continue to do incredible work in their respective roles, and their chemistry truly came into full force in this episode; sizzling up a storm and the furious fruition of Vanessa and Ethan’s mounting passion proved worth the wait. 

In London, Lily’s date with Dorian (what happened to him and Angelique?) ended with the two partings ways and Lily getting in touch with her past life before taking a deadly detour. To Frankenstein’s credit, he let his creation go, following the old adage, “if you love someone, let it go…” Even if Lily reconsiders and realizes she wants Frankenstein, she won’t return to him as the innocent woman he bid farewell to. As of the episode’s ending, she’s long gone.
  • Side Notes / Burning Questions: “Little Scorpion” greatly benefited from the lack of The Creature’s presence. Why do both of Frankenstein’s creatures have a propensity to kill? Why isn’t Vanessa more curious about whether Sir Malcolm is her biological father? Will we ever see Ethan’s father?