Top 10 Most-Read Television Posts of 2015

When it came to Eclectic Pop’s television coverage in 2015,  interest was spread all over the place. ABC Family’s (now Freeform) cult drama “Pretty Little Liars”, HBO’s “True Detective” and The CW’s overall line-up (“The Flash”, “Arrow”, “Vampire Diaries”) proved enduringly popular with readers.

If you’re wondering which show singularly commanded the most interest, there’s no question “Reign” owned the throne. Out of the Top 10 articles, the costume drama is mentioned in a little over half of them; 6 to be exact.

The disappointing second season of “True Detective” drove a substantial amount of interest as well, especially when it came to its off putting finale. Closing thoughts (and gripes) on that one easily cracked the top 5. “The Blacklist” also proved to have considerable staying power, eliciting readers throughout its second season run and into its third.

Controversy blazed its way into the middle of the pack as a “Game of Thrones” focused ‘Let’s Talk About…’ took aim at the debate surrounding the series’ fifth season, the general issues surrounding historical dramas’ duty to depict the past and the stemming accusations of exploitation. Interestingly that feature would find itself in a dead even tie with another LTA piece reflecting on appreciation for the incredible first season of another HBO series; “True Detective”.

Running away with the lead for most-read by a healthy margin was a TV Rundown covering the March 12th episodes of “Reign” and “Vikings”. The divisive storyline surrounding the fallout of Mary’s affair with Conde and the dissolution of her marriage to Francis provided a lot of meaty material to dig into and discuss.

While the “Vikings” portion of the Rundown dealt with the shocking death of a beloved character. It would mark the beginning of a 'no one's safe' season and set the tone for several shocking story developments to come on the History Channel series.

When it comes to citing trends, standout consistencies were the popularity of “Reign”, "True Detective" and “Pretty Little Liars”, a series that despite being in its sixth season still had readers riveted. In the season where Big A was finally revealed, viewer curiosity was noticeably elevated.

The PLL centric TV Rundown which landed at #2 on the list is one of, if not the most, +1’d (Google+) in Eclectic Pop history. "Liars" showed no signs of slowing down either as reader intrigue steadily continued throughout its summer run. With a 5 year time jump and the start of a new mystery in its immediate future, it's a safe bet that trend will continue into 2016.

Here's to another year of television. Check out the entire Top 10 below and see what else made the list….

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#2. TV Rundown: June 23 | The "Pretty Little Liars" Dig for the Truth About Charles  

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