Top 10 Most-Read Posts in Eclectic Pop's History (So Far)

Eclectic Pop has been around for 3 years now and in a sort of retrospective of the site’s history, it only seemed right to unveil what the Top 10 most-read posts have been over the course of its run so far.

First a few notes of trivia about the Top 10: 50% of the list is comprised of posts from 2015, 20% are from 2014, another 20% are from 2016 and 10% are from 2013. As for the topics that dominated, half or 50% are TV oriented, 20% are film related and 30% are music centric. It’s safe to say TV handily chalked up a victory in this regard. When it comes to the Top 5 that margin closes as the field evens up with TV and music tying with 2 features each and a single movie entry rounding out the final five.

Out of 564 total posts, 240 have been about movies, 248 television and 89 on music. While movies and television have been neck-and-neck when it comes to coverage, the disparity between them did not keep music from making a big impact. After all, it is the Best of 2015 Music list that earned the top spot. Only one music review made the cut and it was the appraisal of The Cornerstones’ sensational album “Stand in Line” – the fifth review Eclectic Pop ever published. 

While it was just announced that the Daytime Emmy Awards will not receive a television broadcast, it is worth noting that interest in soap operas showed no signs of decline on Eclectic Pop. The #4 spot is a TV Rundown solely spotlighting the CBS soap “Bold and the Beautiful” and ABC’s “General Hospital”.

Also geared towards Daytime is second place finisher “Let’s Talk About…Whether Pleasing Fans is a Priority”, which discussed the time’s controversial happenings on NBC’s “Days of Our Lives”, “Bold” and “GH”. Even if you are not a fan of Daytime, that article addressed a broader issue that touches Primetime as well: how and if fan reaction should play into the operations of a television series. Two years later, that issue remains just as relevant.

Before concluding, one more thing deserves mention. Out of 141 movie reviews, only one made it into the Top 10: “Mad Max: Fury Road”. If you have read that review, you know which way it leans and while it was a rough watch, it wound up paying off. I’m sure there is an important lesson in there somewhere.

Scroll down to learn the identities of all the Top 10 finishers and click the titles to read them for yourself…