Top 10 Most-Read TV Posts of 2016

Eclectic Pop's Top 10 Most-Read TV Posts - Bates Motel, Game of Thrones, Reign
The year end wrap-up continues as Eclectic Pop unveils and analyzes the Top 10 Most-Read TV related posts published on the site during 2016. In the Top 10, one theme you will immediately pick up on is the presence of the Entertainment Inquiry. The Q&A-style feature made its debut in 2016 and given its popularity, the Entertainment Inquiry will continue in 2017.

In the eighth installment of the feature, “Reign” fans’ Twitter questions about The CW favorite’s fourth and final season were answered. "Reign" appears in the title of 4 out of the 10 posts that made the list, while Netflix’s “Narcos” appears in 2.

That being said, “Reign” made the list of 5 TV Shows Worth Being Thankful and the list of Eclectic Pop’s picks for the Best of 2015 TV, so it technically made 6 total appearances in the Top 10. Taking those numbers into consideration, boosts "Game of Thrones" and “Narcos'” post appearances to 3 each.