Top 10 Most-Read Posts of April 2017

Most-Read April 2017 - Eclectic Pop - The White Queen, Sadece Sen, The White Princess
Are you ready to find out what the most-read content on Eclectic Pop was last month? Eclectic Pop has highlighted and linked to the Top 10 Most-Read Posts of April 2017.

Take a peek at what readers were interested in most. The Top 10 has an eclectic mix of movie, TV, and music coverage. Get all the details below…

Top 10 Highlight:

Costume dramas might be set in the past, but they are very popular in the present. A playlist of 20 songs from TV’s Top Costume Drama Soundtracks took the top spot on Eclectic Pop’s Top 10 Most-Read Posts of April 2017.

Along with providing a playlist you can listen to on Spotify, the feature also reviewed the reasons why the sounds of “Poldark,” “Victoria,” “The White Queen,” and “Game of Thrones” made the list.

Fun Fact Stat:

-Eclectic Pop’s review of the outstanding film “Sadece Sen,” which is currently available to stream on Netflix, is the first Must-See Movie Review since “Little White Lies” was spotlighted in 2014.

Coming Soon on Eclectic Pop:

-Instead of doing a “Game of Thrones” centric Entertainment Inquiry, as previously mentioned, Eclectic Pop will be posting an 'Writing About...' feature on “Game of Thrones.”

'Writing About...' is the feature title for posts about my freelance articles. The aim of the 'Writing About...' feature is to provide “behind-the-scenes” insight into the articles, as well as providing links for you to read them.

And the Top 10 is…