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“The OA” is one of the rare shows to take a real-world approach to a science-fiction story. A sort of "Friday Night Lights" meets "Lost." The Netflix original was co-created by indie darlings Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij. If those names sound familiar that is because they are the geniuses behind the indie thrillers, “Sound of My Voice” and “The East.”

As both of the aforementioned Marling/Batmanglij projects tend to do, “The OA” quickly entangles viewers within its intricate web of grounded mystery and sci-fi wonderment. So much of what drives “The OA” is how it works like a Rorschach to reveal your answers to its questions.

In the best pilot of 2016, “The OA” opens on Prairie (Marling), a young woman who mysteriously reemerges seven years, after vanishing off the face of the earth. Not only is her survival a shock, so is the fact, the once-blind Prairie can now see.

Swept into the eye of a media firestorm, Prairie tells her out-of-this-world story to a group of four teenagers and their teacher. Is she telling the truth? Or is there more to it than that? Here’s everything I have written (so far) about “The OA” Season 1 from theories to clues on the Inquisitr.

Writing about “The OA” clues

Typing away about “The OA” is an easy thing to do. The series is rich with a layered mythology, hidden clues, and intricate mysteries. It took about a week to watch the entire season and when it was over, there were as many questions as there were stars in the sky - a large part of the series’ magic.

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When it became clear that I absolutely had to write about it, the first feature quickly presented itself, a list of clues viewers might have missed. There ended up being so many clues that the feature had to be broken down into two parts. Part 1 of the 14 Clues focused on the inconsistencies with Prairie’s behavior and contradictory statements.

While the second half, or Part 2, of the 14 clues traces similar territory. If you believe the outlandish tale Prairie tells, these clues might not hit with the same degree of relevance, they personally did.

While those Inquisitr features focused on the overarching clues of the season, another one focused exclusively on the clues found under Prairie’s bed. The books from Amazon. There might have been more to them than was originally apparent.

Writing about clues in Brit Marling’s previous films

As mentioned above, Brit Marling’s career includes two previous collaborations with Zal Batmanglij with whom she co-created “The OA.” Those two projects were the thrillers “Sound of My Voice” and “The East.”

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Both films contain surprising parallels with “The OA.” Those similarities could provide clues to where “The OA” is headed with its own mythos. Hence, the exploratory purpose of the piece.

Since the parallels between “The OA” and “Sound of My Voice” are so strong; the decision was made to make an entire feature on that film alone. You can read about the 8 connections between them on the Inquisitr.

In another feature, 3 movies starring Brit Marling are examined for clues. The first movie explored is “Another Earth,” which Marling co-wrote with the film’s director Mike Cahill.

The second film is “The East” and the third is “I Origins,” Marling’s second collaboration with Cahill. Find out what clues were unearthed between these three films and how they possibly connect to “The OA” on the Inquisitr.

Writing about “The OA” Season 2

In case you have not heard, “The OA” has been renewed by Netflix for a second season. To celebrate the announcement, a feature focusing on the 5 burning questions Season 2 needs to answer was penned on the Inquisitr.

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In a separate piece, the mysteries are focused on. Is there a difference between the features? Yes. The questions feature focuses more on the questions raised by the cliffhanger aspects of the season finale, particularly the known plot points. While the mystery feature focuses on the mysteries created by the first season’s overarching mythos.

There were many mysteries left unsolved, which made a feature focused on the ones Season 2 needed to answer, a rather simple write-up. As was the case with the number of clues, the number of mysteries added up, so this ended up being a two-part feature as well. You can read Part 1 on the Inquisitr here and Part 2 here.

Writing about “The OA” theories

There are countless theories that could explain the ending of “The OA’s” first season. So when it came time to speculate, as a skeptic, I had to present a “rational” explanation for the ending of “The OA.” Read about the 5 theories that might explain the ending on the Inquisitr.

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A release date for “The OA” Season 2 has not been revealed. It is expected to premiere on Netflix in either late 2017 or early 2018. If you are interested in reading more of my features on the Inquisitr, click here to browse my author profile. Links to every article mentioned above is available below.

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