Top 10 Most-Read Posts of June 2017

Eclectic Pop's Top 10 Most-Read Posts in June 2017 included content about 'Pretty Little Liars', 'The White Princess' and movie reviews ('For the Emperor')
The weather just got even warmer and Eclectic Pop’s Top 10 list of its most-read posts has been heating up. With June over and the fireworks of July in full swing, it is time to recap the former month’s most popular content on Eclectic Pop. The results are in, so which posts came out on top?

Hint: Coverage of costume dramas and new movie reviews, all made a significant splash. Among all the content on Eclectic Pop, readers had 10 favorites in June. Scroll down to find out what they are.

Top 10 Highlight:

Blazing its way to the top spot was “The White Princess” themed ‘Writing About’ feature. The Starz series has been a thrill to write about and even though it has ended for now (keep tweeting #RenewTWP to try to change that), content surrounding the series continues to abound.

Having concluded at the beginning of June, Writing About: 'The White Princess' Theories, Reviews & Final Twists gave Eclectic Pop’s readers a chance to check out my “White Princess” features on the Inquisitr. Six articles are featured in the post.

In it, theories surrounding the series, reviews of Season 1’s final episodes, and thoughts on its final twists, are compiled into one feature. The post contains links to read the articles on the Inquisitr, as well as some insight into what inspired and contextualized them.

Fun Fact Stats:

-The movie review for “Sadece Sen” stayed steady in the Top 10, claiming the #8 spot for the second month in a row.

-The ‘Writing About’ feature for the BBC/Netflix series “The Last Kingdom” and the movie review for “Sadece Sen” were the only posts to repeat a performance in the Top 10, after appearing in May.

-The first ‘Writing About’ feature on “The White Princess” claimed the #3 spot in May's Top 10 Most-Read Posts. The second feature on the Starz series easily finished at #1 with a significant lead.

Coming Soon on Eclectic Pop:

-Expect another ‘Writing About’ feature on “Game of Thrones” and “The White Princess.”

-The Spotify playlist feature continued its popularity in June. The latest playlist, which focused on summery songs, finished in the #7 slot. Given its success, expect more playlists to be coming soon.

-The same goes for the micro reviews of Netflix Instant’s catalogue, which featured a review of "For the Emperor." The next micro movie review feature might also include content from Amazon Prime.

As always, a huge thank you to everyone who read Eclectic Pop’s content, and to those who shared it on social media. Thanks as well to everyone who read and shared any of my content on the Inquisitr. Your support is greatly appreciated. 

And the Top 10 is…

#1: Writing About: 'The White Princess' Theories, Reviews & Final Twists

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