Top 10 Most-Read Posts of July 2017

Promo posters for The White Princess, The OA and Game of Thrones
Take a break from the summer heat with this breezy recap of July’s top 10 most-read posts on Eclectic Pop. Between movie reviews, television features, and reaction to the 2017 Emmy nominations; there was no shortage of entertainment to cover. 

When it came to popular topics, “Game of Thrones” continued its enduring reign. While the Netflix original “The OA” came on strong with its Writing About debut. So which post topped the Top 10? Continue reading to find out.

Top 10 Highlight:

When the 2017 Emmy nominations were announced, this TV fan’s heart sunk. So what is a fan to do when this happens? Write about it, of course. The tone of the Emmy snubs feature is meant to be more celebratory of the shows that were snubbed than a tirade against their having been.

The snubs also provided a personal reminder. While the Emmys provide an annual opportunity to salute the series you love; you do not need to wait for them to come around to show appreciation for the series’ near and dear to your heart. Thanks to those who shared this article on social media, it is currently Eclectic Pop’s #1 most-read post of 2017.

Fun Fact Stats:

-The popularity of “The White Princess” continued in July. Content on the Starz series has consistently appeared in the Top 10, since April. 

-Two “Game of Thrones” posts made into the top 5.

-The movie review for "Sadece Sen" continues its streak of Top 10 appearances, making the list for a fourth consecutive month.

-Even though the tenth edition of the Quick Hit Movie Review feature was published on the penultimate day of July, it made it into the Top 10.

Coming Soon on Eclectic Pop:

-A review of one of the best movies I have seen this year. Hint: It is a not an English-language film.

As always, a huge thank you to everyone who read Eclectic Pop’s content and those who shared it on social media. Thanks as well to everyone who read and shared, any of my content for the Inquisitr. Your support is greatly appreciated.

And the Top 10 is…

#10: Quick Hit Movie Reviews #10: "What If" and "A Man Called Ove"

#9: Writing About: Why "The White Princess" Deserved Emmy Nominations - Plus, Burning Questions

#8: Must-See Movie Review: "Sadece Sen" (2014)

#7: Movie Review: "Testament of Youth" (2015)

#6: Let's Talk About... The "Pretty Little Liars" Series Finale

#5: Writing About: "Game of Thrones" Season 7 - Romance and Theories

#4: Writing About: "The OA" Season 1 on Netflix - Theories and Clues

#3: Top 10 Most-Read Posts of June 2017

#2: Writing About: "Game of Thrones" Season 7 and the Starks

#1: The 2017 Emmy Nominations’ Most Heartbreaking Snubs: "Bates Motel," "The White Princess," "Reign" and more

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