Writing About: 'Poldark' Season 3 And Romelza

The third season of “Poldark” has flown by and so has the opportunity to write about it on the Inquisitr. It has been an exciting season to cover, albeit a rather sad one. The original luminosity that once radiated from the series has been replaced by an intensely overcast feeling.

The new tone is not especially surprising given what happened towards the end of Season 2 and that darkness has only grown in the next installment.

With no Jud and less Prudie, there are few laughs, and Ross Poldark (Aidan Turner) brooding about his mistakes, while not openly acknowledging them has only added further tension to the series. Despite all of this, the series is still engaging, and one of the many highlights has been how much the entire cast has continued to impress. 

A Villain's Due

In a not entirely surprising development, George Warleggan has become the Lex Luthor to Ross’ Clark Kent in Season 3. At least, in comparison to the rich dynamic shared between the characters on The CW’s terrific series, “Smallville.”

George is equal parts menace and wounded soul, a villainous balance for which actor Jack Farthing deserves great credit for subtly portraying. Rich performances such as these are rare and “Poldark’s” greatest strength as a series has always been, and continues to be, its splendidly flawed characters and its cast’s sharp interpretations of them. 

So without further ado, here’s what I’ve been writing about “Poldark” Season 3 on the Inquisitr. The links to read are in blue.

Ross and Demelza aka 'Romelza'

Has a greater couple faced a greater fall? Season 2 left Ross and Demelza's once vivacious relationship on life support and Season 3 has done little to improve their status.

Following the events of Season 2 and the way Season 3 has unfolded, the question had to be asked. “Is Ross in love with Demelza?” Or is he still in love with Elizabeth? The harsh facts are delved into in the Inquisitr feature.

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If you share this fan's view, Ross’ actions with Elizabeth in Season 2 did not ring true to his character and the story beforehand. It seems the way "Poldark" is going about “absolving” the disturbing twist is to have Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) follow suit by taking revenge. This begs the question.

What’s Happening to Ross and Demelza? This is one of those features; yours truly particularly struggled to write because it involved facing so many ugly truths regarding the state of their relationship.

Few TV or movie romances have been as enchanting as Ross and Demelza’s. In fact, it merits stating that the chemistry between their portrayers (Aidan Turner and Eleanor Tomlinson) is among the best, the screen has ever seen. 

What Turner and Tomlinson achieved in Seasons 1 and 2 was sheer magic and due to the current storyline, their chemistry has had to take on a different form, which is downright tragic. One can only hope their full dynamic will get a chance to shine again. Unfortunately, hope is dimming.

This has become even more apparent in Episode 7. "Did Ross give Demelza his blessing to have an affair?" The case for why he may have is on the Inquisitr.

If you have watched the Season 3 finale, you probably have a few questions for what it means regarding Ross and Demelza's marriage in Season 4. Speculation and the definitive answer to one pivotal question from the finale are on the Inquisitr.

Speaking of questions, can Ross and Demelza's marriage survive the events of Season 3? Head to the link for an in-depth exploration of the popular couple's disintegrating union and the upsetting plot twists that are threatening to destroy the series.

Drake Drama

“Poldark” Season 3 has seen its highs and lows, and none of them have been as grave as the introduction of Demelza’s brother, Drake. He has been so frustrating that it has merited not one but two features on the topic. In the first, a provocative question is asked. “Are Drake and Morwenna working as a couple?

In the feature, Drake and Morwenna’s love story is compared to the series’ other star-crossed love affairs, whilst posing a strong look at Drake, individually. Few characters have crawled underneath my skin like Drake, and not in a good way. (Ivar on "Vikings" is the other.)

Just when you thought Drake could not be any more off-putting, Episode 5 occurred. This led to the Drake-dominated headline “Let’s discuss Drake. Suffice it to say, that feature did not include effusive praise for him and his latest drama.

Episode Reviews

Curious about what the top 5 takeaways from Season 3, Episode 1 were? Or would you prefer a simple recap of what transpired?

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Having always bristled at doing traditional recaps, episodic coverage shifted to reviewing a key point of each episode. Find out which eventful happening got the spotlight.

The season is not over yet. So please bookmark this page so you can keep up with new links as they are added. “Poldark” Season 3 airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on PBS, as part of Masterpiece Theatre.

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