Writing About: 'The Crown' Season 1 On Netflix

The second season of “The Crown” will premiere on Netflix, December 8. So here to help you catch up on the vital details of Season 1, and maybe even decide if you want to stream it (if you have not already), is this recap of what I’ve written about “The Crown” on various sites, including Eclectic Pop, Hidden Remote, and the Inquisitr.

Writing about “The Crown”

The show is a crowning achievement for Netflix, an original series that mightily captivated when it premiered. Every episode of Season 1 is a mini-movie, in terms of the production, direction, and cinematography. 

It is beautifully and thoughtfully crafted. In the hands of the series, Elizabeth II joins the ranks of Mary, Queen of Scots from The CW's "Reign" and Queen Victoria from ITV's “Victoria," as a sympathetically portrayed monarch.

While "The Crown" lacks those series' romantic plots, it shares their skill for impeccably casting a magnificent actress as its queen. Claire Foy is perfectly cast as Elizabeth II, portraying her with brilliant depth. The critical acclaim Foy has received for her performance is well-deserved. 

Sadly, Season 2 will be her last one playing the role, as another actress will take over playing Queen Elizabeth II in Season 3. This is apparently due to the role requiring age progression. The decision to recast was highly publicized when Season 1 premiered. With it having aired now, it is harder than ever to imagine "The Crown" without Foy.

Before we get too misty-eyed thinking about it, here is what I have written about Season 1. The links to read are in blue.

First things first, what is this Netflix series about?

The critically acclaimed series features a pretty straightforward premise. Everything you need to know about “The Crown,” from the plot to the cast, crucial behind-the-scenes info, and more is on Hidden Remote. This is a fairly brief piece that serves as a sort of beginner’s guide to the series.

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Episode 1 of “The Crown”

After watching the first episode of the series, it was time to review the 5 key plot points from “The Crown” premiere on the Inquisitr. If you are not familiar with the history of Queen Elizabeth II, and the modern-day royal family, some of these plot points may be considered “spoilers.” The political climate surrounding Elizabeth II’s ascension is covered, as is the state of her marriage when she takes the throne.

Opinions on “The Crown”

Shortly after the series premiered, I wrote a quick review of Season 1 for Eclectic Pop. It was featured as the TV pick for the best new bets streaming on Netflix in November 2016. 

One of the major storylines in Season 1, which will undoubtedly continue in Season 2, is Elizabeth’s relationship with her younger sister, Princess Margaret (Vanessa Kirby). Their sisterly bond turns into a full-blown sibling rivalry when Margaret’s romantic choices prove an untenable breach of royal ethics.

The series goes out of its way to blame Elizabeth for holding a standard when it comes to her sister’s suitors and insinuates she somehow breaks the vow of sisterhood, her and Margaret’s father had them make to one another as children. While the series clearly wants us to emphatically sympathize with Margaret, those feelings never registered with this viewer, and for many reasons. 

This leads us to the last feature on our Writing About tour of “The Crown” Season 1. It’s an opinion piece that argues Margaret is the one who betrays the “sisterhood” promise. Yes, Margaret. You can read my arguments on the Inquisitr. Will you be convinced? Read it and see.

In case you missed it, the second season of “The Crown” will arrive on Netflix, December 8. The first season of the series is currently streaming on Netflix Instant. Links to every article mentioned above is available below.


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