TV Review: 'Sneaky Pete' Season 2 Brings The Heat On Amazon Prime

Caution: Mild spoilers for Season 1 of "Sneaky Pete" lie ahead.

Hilarious moments of deception-based comedy, underscore a dark and thrilling drama about the con game. “Sneaky Pete” Season 2 picks up where Season 1 left off with Marius trying to convince two heavies that he isn’t Pete. Because pretending to be Pete cannot always be fun and games. Accordingly, Season 2 sees Marius both wanting to keep up the con of being Pete and needing too.

Unfortunately, the second installment of "Sneaky Pete" takes way too long to reunite Marius with Pete’s family, an interaction that brought tremendous life to the first season. While the show has seemed determined to periodically keep Marius away from the family in both seasons, Season 1 made that feel more organic.

Where Season 2 sees that dynamic used less, it does answer a lot of questions regarding real Pete and his mother, while maintaining the presence of Pete's family. The real Pete and his connections serve as the catalyst for the season. Furthermore, the second installment sheds a lot of light on the family’s backstory, including Pete's estranged mother Maggie.

Where Marius/Pete started to make headway as the family’s resource for reprieves in Season 1, Season 2 sees him back-burnered in favor of Taylor. It is a role you miss seeing Marius play given how it helps deepen his bond with the family on a more immediate basis.

The standout episode of Season 2 is Episode 4. For a show that deals in lies, it delivers on exposing a lot of truths, especially in this episode. In this particular instance, it does give itself an unnecessary out from hitting on them entirely.

A major positive for Season 2 is that Marius isn’t bailed out by catching lucky breaks that carry him to survival. He has to work for them, and the show finds clever ways to have him earn them. The casting on "Sneaky Pete" continues to be one of its greatest assets. The core ensemble gives another round of exceptional performances in Season 2 and the new faces hold their own against them.

The long-con in Season 2 is also more entertaining than Season 1’s, and the villain is far scarier. Something that is heightened because Season 2's villain threatens people this viewer actually cares about. To its major credit, the series seems to be aware of what didn't work in Season 1, and that helps Season 2 improve in certain aspects.

With two impressive seasons under its belt, the Amazon series offers an electrifying back-to-back binge watch that will have you on the edge of your seat with its comically tinged non-stop suspense.

Rating: 8/10

Season 1 and Season 2 of "Sneaky Pete" are currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

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