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Top 5 Most-Read Posts Of 2019: 'Black Spot' Takes Spotlight

The most-read content on Eclectic Pop during 2019 spoke to an intense interest in television. All five spots are taken by TV-centric posts. Interestingly, none of the shows that drew attention were on network television. Their U.S. presence is based entirely on streaming. As teased in the above ph…

Best TV Of 2019: 'Yellowstone,' 'Money Heist,' 'You' And More

The power of TV kept burning bright in 2019 with the follow-up installments of “Yellowstone,” “Money Heist,” and “You.” They were not alone as “Game of Thrones” returned for its final bow. In a year that witnessed television continue to soar, new shows readied to take the lead. Thus, continuing a …

'Sneaky Pete' Cancelled: Did Season 3's Ending Provide A Proper Series Finale?

Sneaky Pete Poster Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Giovanni Ribisi Marius Jasnapovic
“Sneaky Pete” thrilled this viewer for three seasons. After two entertainingly different installments, the Amazon series turned out a particularly sensational third season. All of its various parts snapping into place in a fantastic way that boded well for the series’ creative future. For all intents and purposes, Season 3 ended on a high note.

TV Review: 'Sneaky Pete' Season 3 Continues Amazon Series' Sensational Streak In Style

Sneaky Pete Season 3 Poster Giovanni Ribisi Marius Josnapovic Amazon
“Sneaky Pete” has always been a sensational show. It has somehow managed to ride a fine line between dark humor and drama with seemingly effortless ease. After two terrific seasons, “Sneaky Pete” delivers one of its biggest surprises to date with Season 3. Maintaining its streak of high quality with what is arguably its most enjoyable installment yet.

TV Review: 'Sneaky Pete' Season 2

Caution: Mild spoilers for Season 1 of "Sneaky Pete" lie ahead.

Hilarious moments of deception-based comedy, underscore a dark and thrilling drama about the con game. “Sneaky Pete” Season 2 picks up where Season 1 left off with Marius trying to convince two heavies that he isn’t Pete. Because pretending to be Pete cannot always be fun and games. Accordingly, Season 2 sees Marius both wanting to keep up the con of being Pete and needing too.

TV Review: 'Sneaky Pete' Season 1

Amazon's con-man series offers a delightful blend of situational comedy and high stakes drama. "Sneaky Pete" follows Marius Josipović (Giovanni Ribisi), an ex-con fresh out of prison, who needs to lay low for a while. He owes money to a ruthless mob boss (the excellent Bryan Cranston), who wants to collect. So Marius does what no one in his situation would do. He assumes the identity of his cellmate Pete Murphy (Ethan Embry) and shows up at Pete’s grandparents' house to let them know he’s home.