'Silver Spoon' Season 3 Trailer Has Me Desperate For Netflix Release

Silver Spoon Mazhor Igor Sokolovsky Pavel Priluchny Vika Karina Razumovskaya

 Are you looking forward to the U.S. release of “Silver Spoon” Season 3? Same. The third season of the series (originally titled “Mazhor” or “Major”) has already aired in Russia. Now fans across the world are awaiting its international release.

Netflix is currently streaming the first two seasons of the extraordinary TV series in the United States. Therefore, there is a reason to hope the third will also premiere on Netflix. Viewers enthralled by the crime drama will have to wait and see.

Watch the trailer for Season 3 of “Silver Spoon” below to tide you over. Be warned that it will get you even more hyped to see the next season. Also, it does not have English subtitles, so the visual information will have to suffice. Unfortunately, I cannot offer more insight with a limited vocabulary of around 12 Russian words.

If you are not caught all the way up on “Silver Spoon,” there are spoilers. With that said, check it out and reconvene below for a full breakdown. Here is the trailer for Sreda's “Silver Spoon” Season 3:

First off, this is a fantastic trailer that undoubtedly drives up interest in seeing Season 3. Not that the show really needed any help with that. The second “Silver Spoon” season ended with a huge cliffhanger and even more shocking revelation.

As expected, there will be changes to the detective team. In the trailer, viewers learn that the force has hired a new guy to replace Dania. Igor and Zhenia do not seem too warm to the idea. Given that they did not initially hit it off, there may be hope for this new addition.

As a fan of Igor and Vika’s coupledom, the new detective does appear to be a threat. While the trailer shows Vika and Igor having their share of moments, it also teases Vika and the new guy sharing one. Please note the beautiful hug Vika and Igor share at the 1:39 mark to cope with that development.

For his part, Igor is continuing his relationship with Katia, his girlfriend from Season 2. As much as I enjoy Vika and Igor together and support them as each other’s endgame, Igor does have a sweet relationship with Katia.

It is a bit surprising they are continuing to date in light of the Season 2 finale, which saw her father assassinated. Yours truly thought she may blame Igor for what happened, and they would break up, potentially even becoming enemies. That could happen as she learns more.

Katia does shove at Igor later in the trailer. She could be doing that as part of an emotional reaction to learning upsetting news and may not be aiming her feelings toward Igor himself.

However, she is shown holding a gun up in the trailer, which is a departure from her usual behavior. As someone who always thought she may be a spy, who sought out Igor with ominous intentions, that could still be the case.

Back to Vika. Hers and Dania’s unborn baby is in jeopardy. Poor Vika. It is too heartrending a twist to contemplate. “Silver Spoon” has pulled many heartbreakers in its time. Having Vika and Dania’s baby perish would be too much.

Elsewhere, Igor is continuing to pursue justice for his murdered parents, and that looks as though it will remain a harrowing ride. Can Igor take down this horrible criminal organization? He has been up against it for two seasons. Will Season 3 be the charm?

Another question: how deep into things is Lieutenant-Colonel Pryanikov? Does this criminal organization have something over him? Is Pryanikov being forced to work for them against his will?

Will he team up with Igor and become a double agent? He seems too genuine to be capable of being an outright bad guy. Hopefully, there is more to the story, and redemption can be found for him.

“Silver Spoon” Season 3 looks to be a beyond-exciting installment filled with action, intrigue, romantic squares, and epic storytelling. The trailer showcases everything that made the first two seasons the spectacular viewing experiences they are.

It is such a thrilling trailer, and the rapid montage towards the end just puts chills all over. Okay, please arrive in the U.S. soon (as in yesterday). In the meantime, Seasons 1 through 3 of “Silver Spoon” are available to watch and re-watch on Netflix. Season 3 remains on the horizon.

[Featured Image by Sreda Production Company, Background by Eclectic Pop]