Let's Discuss: 'Unauthorized Living' Season 1's Ending And Anticipating Season 2

Unauthorized Living Vivir sin permiso Nemo Bandeira Jose Coronado
A good season finale leaves the audience wanting more. A great season finale leaves them on the edge of their seat, desperate for it. “Unauthorized Living” ("Vivir sin Permiso") Season 1 manages to land in the latter category. Let’s discuss the ending and what it means for the various players heading into Season 2.

Warning: Spoilers for the ending of “Unauthorized Living” ("Vivir sin Permiso") Season 1 are disclosed and discussed beyond this point.

There is no way around it. The series, currently streaming on Netflix, goes out much the way it comes in – with a lot at stake. The first season of “Unauthorized Living” concludes the intoxicating family crime drama on a literal cliffhanger.

With a gun in hand, Mario confronts Nemo about killing his dad and his feelings about being treated like a member of Nemo’s staff. Despite Nemo’s protestations that he is more than that, Mario does not buy it. For his part, Nemo is not fighting to convince Mario not to shoot him.

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Going into an episode of his Alzheimer's, Nemo believes Mario is his father, Quique. In addressing him as such, Nemo tells "Quique" that he has loved Mario as if he was one of his children. After hearing this, Mario cannot bring himself to kill Nemo, despite plotting tirelessly against him.

Nemo's Alzheimer's episode persists with him recalling Quique's betrayal. As Lara and Ferro arrive on the scene, Nemo tells Mario he should "not have kissed her." He then pushes Mario over the edge of the cliff and into the water.

Mario should not have survived the fall. However, it is impossible to imagine “Unauthorized Living” without him, so he will probably pull through. Mario dying without the full depths of his betrayal being revealed is a hard-to-believe plot twist. Making the potential twist even harder to accept is that he would die without answering for any of them.

Then there is his relationship with Lara. “Unauthorized Living” did not introduce their flirtation, only to have Mario die. What is his endgame? Why divorce his first wife Elisa, marry Nina and come onto Lara if it all ended with him dead? Elisa has to get her revenge, along with the Bandeiras.

Stranger things have happened on television than characters missing out on revenge. With Mario dead, it would make uncovering all of his many lies all the more difficult. As much as Season 1 was about Mario setting up the Bandeiras’ downfall, Season 2 seems set to see their rise. Chon intimated as much.

Having screwed over every member of the Bandeira family, they seem in prime position to take their revenge in Season 2. When Season 1 ends, Carlos is still in a non-communicative state and Chon is out for blood. Nina also knows that Mario kissed Lara on their wedding day. If Mario is still alive, he would quite possibly be a dead man walking.

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One Devastating Aspect

Throughout Season 1, yours truly had an operating theory. That Nemo was being drugged into presenting with symptoms that mirror Alzheimer’s disease. As Season 1 wound down, I thought that Chon’s sister or Mario’s maybe-not-so-dead father had been behind the scheme.

Considering how Season 1 ends, it seems doubtful. There are plenty of possible culprits, but no indications that is what is at play. The only hint being Nemo’s rapid deterioration throughout the course of the season. At the start of the series, Nemo's doctor indicated he had more time than he seems to be getting.

Nemo is the key to the show and having his symptoms intensify so readily makes his future unclear. Theoretically, the only way to have him reverse course is if he is being drugged.

Otherwise, Nemo's prognosis is dire. Meaning “Unauthorized Living” is seeing its lifeforce threatened. Losing Nemo would be impossible to recover from as a show.

What I Want In Season 2

For it to be revealed that Nemo is being drugged. Plenty of people would have the motive, means, and opportunity to make that happen. It fits.

Carlos to be back in full force. He has a massive score to settle with Mario. Can he recover? As the season ended, I expected/hoped the show would give viewers a wink that Carlos was (at least) on his way to improving. A sly grin. Something. It never came.

“Unauthorized Living” lost a considerable part of itself with Carlos sidelined by Mario’s dastardly plan. Hopefully, it does not last.

It would make sense for Carlos to recover and keep his progress a secret. That would give him a considerable advantage. The Bandeiras need everything, they can get.

The biggest thing I want is for the Bandeiras to unite and for Lara to join the family, entirely. Albeit, this will take a joint effort by Chon, Nina, and Lara. It is time though.

Nemo also needs to know that Mario created the tension between him and Chon by claiming she and Carlos were trying to undermine him. A united, Nemo and Chon, is what Season 2 desperately needs.

Chon truly loves Nemo, and it would be wonderful to see that reciprocated. There is a reason to suspect he cares about Chon more than he indicates. Instead, choosing to deny any deep feelings for her out of loyalty to Lara’s mother. If he learns that Chon never planned to do what Mario claimed, maybe that can change before they run out of time together.

Chon’s Sister Revealed as Villain

One of the Bandeiras’ biggest enemies is currently living under their roof. Not Mario. Chon’s equally diabolical sister, Berta. It turns out she is behind a lot of the Bandeiras’ misfortune in Season 1.

Will Season 2 see her get entirely exposed? This viewer sure hopes so. While there are years of backstory where she was on it, it would be nice to see her on the defense in Season 2.

The second season of “Unauthorized Living” should have no shortage of excitement. These characters are full of dramatic twists and turns, worthy of many seasons to come.

“Unauthorized Living” (“Vivir sin Permiso”) Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix. Season 2 has not gotten a release date yet, so stay tuned.

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