Did 'Game Of Thrones' Ruin Sansa And Jon Snow's Relationship Before The Finale?

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Sansa Stark has proven many things on “Game of Thrones.” Among them is that she has her family’s best interests at heart. It has been a rocky road to get there, but it is clear that Sansa’s first loyalty is to her family. Yes, including Jon Snow.

Spoilers for “Game of Thrones” Season 8, Episode 4 are discussed below.

They do not often see eye-to-eye, and this fan remains haunted by her deception before the Battle of the Bastards. However, Sansa has earned the benefit of the doubt in “Game of Thrones”’ final season. The turning point was when she went to bat for Jon with Daenerys. Confronting the Khaleesi about whether she was manipulating her brother.

Daenerys tried to turn the tables by claiming that Jon had “Snow-duced” her into saving humanity from the Night King. She had to put her Iron Throne plans on hold and everything. How could Jon be thinking so myopically?

Seriously though, Sansa was not buying it. Daenerys was describing Jon, after all. Following that up, Sansa dared to ask about Daenerys’ future plans for the North. That led to a chill penetrating the air and Daenerys removing her once loving handhold. At that moment, Sansa proved that she is true to the Starks and the North. Then Episode 4 happened.

Jon Snow told his sisters his biological identity. That he is Lyanna Stark’s child with Rhaegar Targaryen. He did so off-screen and after attempting to swear them both to secrecy. Well, Sansa did not keep it a secret.

Viewers were not privy to Jon telling them, their reaction, or anything else, which was frustrating and mysterious. As of the end of the latest episode, Jon is also unaware that Sansa has shared his secret identity with Tyrion. The surprised Lannister has already revealed the info to Varys, which is tantamount to a full-blown press release.

It should be expected that Jon would be extremely frustrated with Sansa if he finds out she told Tyrion about his heritage. That thought fills my heart with tremendous grief. Jon and Sansa have built a strong sibling bond. One that has grown and developed with time. Jon already cared for her, and it is clear that Sansa has come to genuinely care about him in return.

It is worth remembering that Jon and Sansa arguably shared one of the sweetest reunions “Game of Thrones” has ever had. Theirs was the first of its kind among the Stark siblings. There was great symbology to that and their ensuing relationship.

Of the siblings, Sansa and Jon had not been the closest. You never would have known that from their poignant hug in Season 6 though. A powerful moment that proved just how much each of them had missed their family, after being apart for so long.

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That connection, however fragile before, meant something profound to each of them. Regardless, Jon and Sansa had to readjust to one another, and an undercurrent of distrust had been palatable on Sansa’s side. Sadly, the one person she can trust the most did not earn it as quickly as those unworthy of it, previously had. She has seemed to realize that now.

The honesty she and Jon share with each other is part of their strength as siblings. In keeping with that penchant for truth was Jon sharing his biological heritage with her and Arya. Something he may come to regret.

Despite her understandable frustration regarding Jon bending the knee to Daenerys, Sansa seems to have gotten past it. She has rightfully questioned his motives in Season 8, wasting no time addressing it in the season premiere. Jon never answered her question as to whether he bent the knee because he loves Daenerys.

Whatever his answer, the truth is that Jon and the North never really had a choice to stay standing. If Daenerys pushed it, Jon would have faced the decision that his ancestor did when Aegon Targaryen wanted the North’s submission. Hence, the only way to truly free the North is for Jon to be the King.

That Jon chose to tell his sisters when Daenerys begged him not to is a sign that he ended up choosing the Starks. Something that Sansa and Arya had expressed concern about, especially after he sided with Daenerys regarding the deployment of troops to support her.

Earlier this season, Jon asked Sansa if she had any faith in him at all. She said she did and now she is proving it. After not trusting Jon ahead of the Battle of the Bastards, she is demonstrating that she trusts him to have the greatest power of all. The added bonus being her Daenerys problem getting solved.

That is what makes her wanting Jon to be King of the Seven Kingdoms, all the more special. She believes he can be a good king. The better choice as she told Tyrion. That means a lot coming from anyone. From Sansa, it is undoubtedly an endorsement that has been well-earned. She does not hand them out readily.

In the end, I can see where Sansa was coming from. However, she did not care enough about where Jon was coming from to decide to stay quiet. He has faith in Daenerys. While Sansa thinks he is blinded to Daenerys’ bad side due to her charms, he has not had a strong reason to doubt her.

As the scene was set-up, he trusted Sansa with his truth, and she betrayed that for what she believes is a good reason. That makes what she did very murky, and Jon incredibly naive for giving her the chance to make a move in the first place. Jon tends to be a little too trusting of people. Sadly, that includes Sansa.

Jon has always seen the best in her. Making it all the sadder to imagine that vision of her being tarnished for him. Whatever happens to Jon, I do not want him to end his “Game of Thrones” journey thinking badly of Sansa.

He does have a strong propensity to forgive, and he has always had a soft spot for his siblings. Jon and Sansa will likely be okay. I just don’t want him to express anger at her and then somehow die without getting things resolved between them. That would be too much for me.

It was strange, but I got this weird sense that Sansa will come to King’s Landing before “Game of Thrones” ends. She hinted she wanted to see Cersei’s downfall. That would require a trip away from Winterfell. If Jon Snow does become King of the Seven Kingdoms, she may come to visit. Hopefully, if that happens, they will work things out.

In yet another surprising “Game of Thrones” twist, it has been Sansa and Jon's relationship that proved the most pivotal among the Starks. They took back Winterfell and rebuilt House Stark together. In the end, viewers have seen Jon and Sansa's sibling bond develop more than any of the other Starks. It would be a shame to lose all of their progress before the series is over.

Like many on “Game of Thrones,” Sansa did the wrong thing for the right reasons. She believes that Jon is the better choice for the Iron Throne, and while I totally agree with her, she should have respected Jon’s wishes. That was not the way to go about it. Even though, I do not see how Jon gave her any other choice. Siblings. It is complicated.

Find out if Jon and Sansa’s relationship is ruined when the final two episodes of “Game of Thrones” air. They will bow over the next two Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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