Why I'm Worried After The Trailer For 'Game of Thrones' Season 8

If you have watched the trailer for “Game of Thrones” Season 8, you likely noticed many things. One of them might have been the first glimpse at that much-buzzed-about battle sequence in the final season. Well, all of that was exciting. However, something truly terrifying pervaded that and the opening scenes with Arya. You could barely see anything.

Game of Thrones” has always had a penchant for favoring barely lit scenes during its run. When it comes to Season 8's big battle, you have to hope viewers will be able to see what is going on. Sadly, this first glimpse does not offer much evidence that will be the case.

Not since the battle at the Wall has “Game of Thrones” gone so dark with its cinematography. Having tested two screens at their brightest levels to make sure it was not a platform related issue, it was confirmed not to be the culprit.

After thrilling audiences with its best battle to-date, the wonderfully-lit “Battle of the Bastards," it seemed the series had learned its lesson. Especially when Season 7 followed suit. Fans want to actually be able to see the battles!

Being gritty and not being able to make out what is happening are two different things. Let’s face it, “Game of Thrones” does not need “mood lighting.” The show’s content is dark enough as it is.

Adding to the anguish is that this seems to be a growing trend in television. Netflix’s crime thriller “Ozark” made the same misstep during its second season. You could barely make out what the Byrdes were doing most of the time.

With so much anticipation surrounding the grand finale of "Game of Thrones," it would be tragic for it not to be visible. Hopefully, things will be adjusted, and a brighter visual awaits. Let the storytelling tell the audiences things are grim, not the lighting.

The finale of “Game of Thrones” is going to be an event. It would be a shame to have it dampened by such a fixable thing. Being able to confidently know who is living and dying should not be a question asked because of dim lighting.

In case you have not seen it yet, here is the link to watch the trailer for "Game of Thrones" Season 8 to see if you can make out what happens.

[Featured Image by Helen Sloan/HBO]