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'Black Spot' ('Zone Blanche') Season 2: That Ending And Theories That Could Explain It

The ending of “Black Spot” (“Zone Blanche”) Season 2 takes viewers down more twists and turns in Villefranche. By the end of it, there are still just as many questions as there are newfound answers. This is the essential info you need to know about the paranormal thriller's ending and why it m…

TV Review: 'Absentia' Season 2 Puts Stana Katic Thriller In Exciting New Territory

Absentia Angel Bonanni Tommy Gibbs Derek Crown Christopher Colquhoun Cal Isaac Matthew Le Nevez Jack Byrne Neil Jackson Emily Byrne Stana Katic Nick Durand Patrick Heusinger Julianne Gunnarsen Natasha Little Flynn Durand Patrick McAuley Alice Durand Cara Theobold
The second season of “Absentia” gets off to an unexpected start. Picking up in the haze of Season 1’s aftermath, Emily (Stana Katic) and company find themselves on an emotionally fraught rollercoaster. It is not the follow-up that this viewer expected. That said, Season 2 is what “Absentia” needs as a series.

TV Review: 'Dark' Season 2 Keeps Netflix Series Shining Brilliantly Bright

Do not worry. Season 2 spoilers are not discussed in this review. In many ways, “Dark” is impossible to spoil due to the fact it is so elaborate. The labyrinth of past, present, and future timelines combines in a way that is tough to describe in straightforward terms.
To its credit, the second sea…

Netflix Movie Review: 'Blood Will Tell' ('La Misma Sangre') Offers Stellar Suspense Tale

Seldom, do you see a morality tale done with as evocative an edge as the one displayed in this Netflix movie. A story filled with stellar suspense is what “Blood Will Tell” (originally titled “La Misma Sangre”) delivers. Told in an easy to follow non-linear format and set in Argentina, the Spanish…

'Murder Mystery' Review: Is Jennifer Aniston And Adam Sandler's Re-Team Worth The Wait?

Murder Mystery Jennifer Aniston Audrey Spitz Adam Sandler Nick Spitz Netflix
When Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler collaborated on the incredibly entertaining comedy, “Just Go with It” in 2011, it seemed to mark the start of something. Sandler’s next ongoing co-star partnership. One that seemed prime to join the ranks of his long-standing screen pairing with Drew Barrymore.

Review: 'Straight Forward' Season 1: Crime Thriller Armed With Heart

“Straight Forward” is as its title suggests a direct hit on the senses. It has it all. Action, intrigue, romance, and fantastic scenery by way of its Denmark/New Zealand setting. You really cannot go wrong with this eight-episode crime thriller.

The show about cons and theft has stolen this viewer…