'Black Spot' ('Zone Blanche') Season 2: That Ending And Theories That Could Explain It

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The ending of “Black Spot” (“Zone Blanche”) Season 2 takes viewers down more twists and turns in Villefranche. By the end of it, there are still just as many questions as there are newfound answers. This is the essential info you need to know about the paranormal thriller's ending and why it makes another season on Netflix, an absolute must.

Update 06/11/24: Find out if “Black Spot” is leaving Netflix.

What. A. Season. The quirky drama with a unique take on the supernatural genre comes back swinging. “Black Spot” ends its sophomore installment in explosive fashion, both in figurative and literal terms. These are the main plot points of Season 2's ending and theories that could help explain it.

Spoilers for the ending of “Black Spot” Season 2 are discussed and disclosed beyond this point.

Laurène was Kidnapped by a Supernatural Creature

My take is that there is a real creature, and there are two ways to explain the missing boy and his connection to it. First off, what Laurène remembered earlier in the season seems to be a real memory of what happened to her when she was a teenager. Now to the possible implications.

One, the guy that Laurène was held captive with, Sylvain Tessier, got chosen to be the "new creature" when they were together. It makes sense that a new person could have been selected over the years. Hence, the teen's screams may have been the result of the according transformation.

The Other Possibility

My other “Black Spot” theory is that the creature appeared to Laurène in human form but was already the creature. Notice that Sylvain is conveniently unable to walk past that rock. Was he hiding or incapable of moving beyond that point?

It is tough to explain how he would be able to switch between appearing human and as a creature. Maybe, Sylvain could still get bursts of his human form? If he was transformed before Laurène got taken, he could have been the reason she was. As in, he was the one who took her. Perhaps wanting her for a companion. However, he could have been conflicted over it.

The DNA Shocker

In the Season 2 finale, “Black Spot” shocks the audience with the DNA test from the creature. It and the missing guy (Sylvain) are one and the same. The analysis also confirms that he is 50% related to Laurène. Is that because Sylvain and Laurène were always biologically-related?

Or, since Laurène was presumably saved by the creature (aka Sylvain) with his healing powers, did she inherit his DNA? In other words, the life-saving measures could have led to a DNA transfusion of sorts. If so, Laurène is not the same person biologically that she was before getting shot in Season 1.

Is Cora The Worst? Possibly.

After her frustrating behavior during Season 1 and the early part of 2, Laurène's rebellious daughter seemed to be turning over a new leaf. Consider it crumbled.

Cora went with her gang and blew up the Steiners' place. As the second season ends, ash is everywhere. For what end? She needs to stop listening to the violent radical group she has fallen in with and her weird boyfriend. He is also the worst. Speaking of bad people.

Laurène's Romantic Future (Enter Bertrand)

Throughout Season 2, Laurène's ex, Bertrand, acts like he is devoted to his long-suffering wife, Lea, with whom he is expecting another child. At the end of “Black Spot” Season 1, it was revealed that the couple's eldest daughter was murdered. Not a runaway as had been believed by some throughout the first season.

Well, after her husband has run off for the hundredth time, Lea has had enough. Unlike Demelza on "Poldark," Lea realizes that she has had her fill with his connection to his teenage sweetheart. Bertrand argues with his wife to stay with him for about 0.5 seconds. She is leaving him and taking their baby with her, and that is the fight he puts up? It gets worse.

Bertrand then goes to the forest to help catch the creature, and he proposes a romantic reunion to Laurène. She does not respond. Seriously? What a piece of work. Bertrand is the worst, and his poor wife deserves better.

Siriani and Teddy Bear's Backstories Get Better Revealed

By the end of “Black Spot” Season 2, viewers have learned a lot about Siriani and Teddy Bear. For Siriani that includes learning why he was forced to come to Villefranche, and for Teddy Bear, it means finding out why he has not left.

It turns out that Siriani is as good of a guy as I suspected. Sadly, he made a tragic mistake while being one. Before coming to Villefranche, he attempted to bring down another big bad. He had even recruited a key witness to take part in the case against them.

Siriani and the witness had been sitting in a parked car, preparing to get her to safety. Then an armed motorcyclist drove by and shot the poor woman dead. The snowglobe that viewers see on Siriani's desk in his hotel room belonged to her.

The whole tragic circumstance plays out yet again by the end of Season 2. In the finale, Siriani finds the body of the woman he was trying to help (and had feelings for), despite her having seduced him for Steiner. Another witness ending up dead before they could bring him down. In the end, though, the elder Steiner does end up presumed dead in the Season 2 finale by way of his son, Bertrand.

Now to Teddy Bear

While Teddy Bear was hovering between life and death (and I was freaking out fearing “Black Spot” was going to kill him off), the detective shares a vital truth with Laurène. It turns out that many years ago, Teddy Bear was offered a considerable promotion that would have taken him out of Villefranche.

He decided not to take it to take care of Laurène. Because he is such an amazing and devoted friend, and he thought she needed him more! “I'm not crying, you are crying!” as the internet saying goes.

Laurène did not rush to say a big "thank you" to her BFF and protector at the time. However, she owes him a massive round of gratitude. Through no fault of her own, Laurène is very much caught in her own world. Her dangerous choices (like her daughter, Cora,) have consequences.

Laurène's continued visits into the forest were ill-advised, and they almost cost Teddy Bear his life. Hopefully, she has learned a lesson in Season 2 that will fuel better decision-making in Season 3.

Final Thoughts

Really enjoyed this season and hope there will be another one. “Black Spot” has an unusual and distinctive tone that it continually proves to havea masterful handle on. Netflix made the right call bringing it on as an original. “Black Spot” is an epically binge-worthy show and it demonstrates remarkable legs in its second season.

There is a clear sense that it is headed somewhere, and TV shows centered around a horror mythos, seldom have that trait. To its credit, there are a lot of payoffs in Season 2. All the while, leaving viewers with much to speculate on as they wait for more episodes to help clarify. There is still so much to continue exploring. I hope another season happens!

Season 1 and 2 of “Black Spot” (“Zone Blanche”) are currently streaming on Netflix.

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